The T-Mobile ad behind Cooper - "pucker up!" Perfect timing.


The ghost of Heath Ledger is not a guy. It is a ghost. Name another guy to kiss.


That picture is so confusing. How did he burn his face and his back?


Timmy, starting off with a photograph of an ugly frat moron with a sunburn is such a big fail that maybe your co-workers should take you aside and explain it to you.


@3: Yeah, it takes skill to apply the fake sunburn spray effectively.

Howdy Timothy, looking forward to your writing.


Meanwhile, establishment Democrats continue to behave as if there were no urgency to addressing climate change, despite their claims to the contrary of course. How do you expect these sell outs to motivate youth to turn out and vote? There is a real chance these people will manage to clinch defeat from the jaws of victory once again in 2020.


Hi Timothy!

New Years resolutions are dumb and I've never made one. So I'll break my streak this year and hereby resolve to not make any new resolutions and can pretty much guarantee success. I rule!


I have made the same resolution for the last five years, keeping it successfully every year....

I don't use plastic (debit or credit cards) at local businesses.

Gas stations and big supermarkets, sure.

Small stores, owned by my neighbors?

Those cards that pay rewards? The "rewards" are being paid by the local businesses. So that "free airline ticket" to Bali? Your favorite local restaurant paid for it. Your Food Coop paid for it.

And your local businesses are funding giant CEO salaries. (Remember how you dislike the big banks? Remember?)

Carry cash and use it, my progressive friends. Our neighborhoods will be better for it.


Welcome and happy new year, Timothy!

And you even brought CRISPY babies—I can tell we’re gonna get on well already.


Welcome Timothy! As long as you disregard anything the obvious trolls are saying (especially the ones who've developed "fond" nicknames from the regular gang), you'll be good.

Also, Chicago is awesome and one of my favorite cities. I hope Seattle is treating you well.


I’ll humbly kick off 2019 with a laughably embarrassing admission: I cried during the new Aquaman because it’s the most beautiful film that I’ve ever seen, courtesy of next-level special FX. The dialogue is clunky at times (how many screenwriters did this thing have? But still…) I saw it with family at the Cinerama, which was mind-blowing, and I’m gonna try 2 C it in IMAX 3D; it’s that incredible. Plus: Jason Momoa—why don’t I have his number??? I’d hit that so hard, we’d set off a tsunami alert.

Also, they made me give a fuck about Aquaman, which has 2 B the greatest feat of movie magic evah.


40% of people successfully change something about their behavior annually? I have to admit that's actually pretty impressive.


@12: All stuff like this is self-reported, which is a nicer way to simply say "total bullshit."


@6: What behavioral changes should establishment democrats do in order to demonstrate that their sense of urgency on climate change is at an acceptable level for you?


welcome - and don't say "spirit animal".


Welcome Tim. Please don’t feel like you have to mimic the infantile sounding patois of your predecessors. The ¯(ツ)/¯ vibe has gotten tiresome, flex your intellect not your ignorance please.


New Horizons is transmitting its photos at 1kb/sec, which is marginally faster than the messages we used to post on bulletin boards using 300-baud modems the size of toasters.


@14 They have to support the Green New Deal that proposes shooting for 100% renewable energy by the IPCC deadline (~2030) and building sustainable infrastructure. Anything short of this is pretending that politics trumps physics, which is either delusional or cynical


@ I used to have a small local business.

Balancing a till, counting and rolling coins is a PITA when you re trying to leave. It's also where your employees will make mistakes. You may also have to take the money home or to the bank.

Pushing a single button on the credit card machine/ iPad teminal for a summary is way easier.


@16: Thank you. The twee, baby talk narrative voice of the last few people who are tasked with this updating this on the daily wore thin fast.



In human societies, politics routinely trumps environmental constraints, as Jared Diamond illustrated nicely thirteen years ago. If this is due to cynicism, then it's a type of cynicism that spans societies of wildly differing structure and culture.

Many organisms have population cycles in which their numbers repeatedly grow to exceed the limits imposed by available resources, and consequently collapse to well below those limits. The belief that Homo Sapiens is not such an organism might itself be delusional.


@21 I agree with you. On one hand it seems arrogant of us to think we had/have anything to do with this massive planet that is so old. On the the other hand it seems in our best interest to do whatever we can to protect ourselves and our err on the side of caution. But alas...we are all too comfortable living our lives to worry about the health of the oceans which create/make Earth’s weather habitable for life as we know it.


@21 - True. But aside from microbes, we are the only organism that has adapted to live in all climates and every continent except Antarctica (and now Antarctica too, only with supply flights). So our adaptable brains give us a bit of an edge.

Still.. I'm not betting on us /avoiding/ Collapse, I'm just working to make sure it's the rich people who go out first.

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