"Unwise, Weak, and Irresponsible": Seattle Congressman Slams Trump's New Border Wall Plan



Oh if only that speech were enough to stop this idiotic wall nonsense. When is Trump going to realize he's pandering to a small percentage of republicans?

I thought this guy was supposed to be good with numbers so why is he wasting so much time and energy on an insufficient number of voters to get him re-elected? Never mind, carry on. Blue wave 2020.


This is all no doubt true but with all the lard at the Pentagon they could easily afford to build a wall around the entire country.


@1 because nearly 80 million people didn't vote in 2016.

And despite the record turn out of the 2018 midterms, which was still abysmal, there is very little evidence that a substantial portion of those non-voters or goofy third party voters or the few fencing sitting republicans will suddenly get all motivated in 2020 and go against trends.

Whipping up his base of drooling ignoramuses is all he has and it just might win again.

He KNOWS the wall isn't getting built. So does every Republican strategist out there. They also know it's a stupid idea. At best its a decade long socialist jobs program. Which framed like that I'm all for it - if living behind walls wasn't such a metaphor and stepping stone for dictatorships everywhere.

But it's great political theater and that is all they have. The republican base isn't whipped up giving tax cuts to billionaires. It's whipped up with these phony issues. Because they are very, very dumb people. And they can do this shit forever.


"Unwise, weak, and irresponsible" pretty much sums up the bulk of Trump's non-wealthy supporters


" That would raise major questions about his credibility when he requests his next defense budget from Congress."

This seems rather doubtful given congress, including many Democrats, gave Trump more than what he asked for "defense" 2 years in a row to add to an already incredibly bloated budget. Meanwhile we have one of the highest rate of infant mortality in the developed world.


there are too many soft consonants in those adjectives, Adam. just K and bleh. hard consonants denote resolve and aggression.


@1 RickFromTexas and @4 Urgutha Forka for the WIN. Thank you both and bless you. I have nothing more to add.
@3 ProfessorHistory: If we, the people could devise a clever ruse so that the wealthiest and most corrupt of RepubliKKKans LOST all their ill-gotten billions (or are they already doing that to themselves with a pending crash?), would it make their idiotic supporters any smarter? I'm all for the Blue Wave. Maybe we should make the Democratic slogan: Democrats: Make American Voters See 20/20 Again to get the big picture.


May the Blue Wave wash clean again, baybee! WA-HOOOOO!