Seattle is horny for rain. Dont listen to the complaints.
Seattle is horny for rain. Don't listen to the complaints. Keith Getter/Getty Images

A potential Viadoom (or, Viafuct if you're more into that) silver lining: The Alaskan Way Viaduct is closing forever on Friday and it feels like we’re getting ready for a traffic nightmare on par with the The Purge. But there may be a silver lining (maybe). Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant wants to make all bus and light rail services free for the duration of the shutdown to encourage people to take the bus. But don’t hold your breath, three weeks of free transit would cost $10 million according to Sawant and spokespeople from Metro and Sound Transit say that it sure as hell won’t happen.

What makes a wall a wall? Somehow this has become one of the main sticking points in the federal government shutdown, which has now been partially closed for 17 days. Trump’s definition shifts constantly and he’s now fixated on a see-through steel fence. Democrats aren’t going for it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his next proposal is a chain of people in MAGA hats playing red rover along the Rio Grande.

Seahawks out of the playoffs: If you’re just now hearing this then you probably don’t give a shit. If you already knew, then you’re probably pissed I even brought it up. Either way, just be glad you’re not a Bears fan (me) who had to watch our kicker miss a game-winning field goal that hit not one, but TWO posts.

Amazon but for weed: For better or worse, that might be the most Seattle phrase I’ve ever written. A California-based company, Jane Technologies, launched a website where you can peruse different kinds of weed and preorder it all online. State law prohibits you from actually buying it online and definitely doesn’t allow it to be delivered to you, but this website helps you skip the line at Washington pot shops for when you need some green ASAP.

Weekend windstorms caused power outages: for more than 250,000 people Sunday morning, according to the Seattle Times and it could be days before crews can restore power for everyone. It looks like the wind will be relatively calm over the next few days so Puget Sound Energy can lick its wounds.

Golden Globes: Despite widespread criticism of the movie’s take on Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, Bohemian Rhapsody took home the award for Best Drama and Rami Malek took home an award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama. I think it’s time to revisit Stranger staff writer Chase Burns’s review of the movie where he wrote, “The 15-minute long shit I took during the middle of the movie was more nuanced than the straight-washed hagiography peddled in that movie theater.” Come on Chase, tell us how you really feel.

Millennials are burnt the fuck out: I know how fun it is to dunk on millennials because nobody is better at making fun of millennials than millennials. But the kids are not alright. If you have some time, check out this BuzzFeed essay by Anne Helen Petersen that may change the way you think about our relationship with work.

Bless the rains: Survey says we love our wet winters. Well, we at the very least like them. About 70 percent of people surveyed in Washington and Oregon had a favorable opinion of the Northwest’s climate and why shouldn’t they? We’re in the Goldilocks zone! We’re not on fire all the time (although that’s changing) and it’s too warm for snow. We have it made.

Check out this picture I took.

Timothy Kenney

Playing around with long exposures was fun, but the hill in the frame was just too damn dark and boring when all of the sudden a runner came by. My first thought was, “damn, I’m a lazy piece of crap” and then I looked at the back of my camera. A single streak of light was on the trail in the trail in the runner’s path! But it was way too faint, so I took matters into my own hands.

Without a partner, I set the camera for a 20-second exposure and started sprinting. I put a headlamp on the back of my head and tried to make it far as I could. Then, more importantly, I sprinted all the way back before someone could come along and nick my camera. It turned out perfectly!

I’ll be spending a lot more time over the next few months photographing Seattle! Can’t wait to share it with you.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A screening of Labyrinth in honor of David Bowie's birthday, a reading of Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump with David Shields, and Yoga for Writers.