Steven Soderbergh's Annual List of Things He Watched and Read and Thought About Will Make You Feel Very, Very Lazy



If Beale Street could talk - run time: 2 hours
The Social Network - run time: 2 hours
Civilizations: run time: 60 minutes X 2 epidoses
Below Decks - run time: 40 minutes X 2 episodes (we'll round down to 1 hour total)
21 lessons for the 21st century: 372 pages. Avg non-technical reading speed: 2 min per page (we'll say he's twice as fast and reads a page a minute, and round down to 350 pages, say he skipped the intro and epilogue)

That comes to 770 minutes. 60 minutes in an hour means he spent just shy of 13 hours doing all that stuff. That's possible sure, you could even squeeze eating and personal stuff (e.g., shitting/showering/etc.) and sleeping in there and it's still doable. Doable but exhausting.

I bet by "watching" those shows/films he means they were on in the background while he did other stuff. Wonder how he'd do if he had to take a quiz on them later? I'm guessing not very well.

So, no. I don't feel lazy.


I'm guessing that he doesn't log the books every day he reads them? His below deck binges make me feel better about my time with Vanderpump Rules.


(my dumb list:


Sounds like he's trying to show what a large ego he has. Always gotta be in the spotlight.