Should President Trump Be Given Free Network Airtime for His Border "Crisis" Address?



They should most definitely not give him a free platform to spread lies and hatred.


The traditional news media will cave because they enforce white supremacy and ultimately he gives them what they desperately crave and care about: ratings, and by extention, money.

They couldn’t care less that his mental illness-fueled lies are a white supremacist terrorist attack against us.

He’s not wrong when he says that they’re the enemy of the people.


Is this man serious? Going to the border to plead his case. I hope demonstrators turn up in their millions to let him know what they think of his bs.


Simple solution:

If any network chooses to air this they should do so with the explicit understanding they will be live fact-checking every statement he makes. If he can't speak under those conditions, he doesn't get the air-time, period. Let those increasingly geriatric and dementia-riddled FOX News viewers rant about "fake news" and the unfairness of it all to their shriveled little hearts content, but they only represent about 11% of the total prime time news audience, so it'll be like listening for a kitten mewling in a hurricane.


Wot up Sausage! Missed you over at the police shooting thread.....still stinging after that one?


Hairr Furor had TWO Fucking YEARS of solid Republican Control over Congress -- he had BOTH fucking Branches. Not including the Supreme Court, of which McBitches McConnell stole outright Merrick Garland's all-but-guaranteed Seat.

And now, when the Dems have been there for -- not even a fucking Week? -- there's an EMERGENCY!!! at the Border. THEY'RE COMING TO G E T YOU, AMERICA!!!!!! Be T E R R I F I E D!!!!!!!!!!!!! aH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!9!!9!!911!!!!!!

Like night, and then, All of a Sudden, it's day.

And if this perpetual Loser can not Save Face on national TeeVee,
he's gonna hafta find himself a suitable War.

'Eads UP! eh, Canada?!


Can anything be done about permanently shutting that bottomless piehole that is Trumpty Dumpty's mouth? I recommend WA-DOT use all their leftover cement from the current SR99 Tunnel project. Our highway engineers can also fill the sinking, stinking cesspool that is Mar-a-Lago, too, while they're at it. Didn't Bertha dig--and cost--enough?


@6 your trolling lacks even humor

you should find a nice little jewish blog to pratice your Art on


No more special access for sociopath liars. No matter their supposed "role".

Speaking of which, when we finally getting around to refreshing the Constitution (since it's been violated so. many. damn. times...)... we need to insert the clause: NO NARCISSISTS, SOCIOPATHS, OR PSYCHOPATHS MAY BE ADMITTED TO ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE, ROLE OR POST.
IF DETERMINED AFTER ELECTION, THEY ARE INSTANTLY REMOVED AND A NEW CANDIDATE SELECTED BY VOTE (or whatever method other non-voted posts are selected by., etc.)

Just to make sure this shit doesn't happen again.


Who even watches that anyway? The combined primetime audience of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox broadcast TV is only a bit more than the number of people who watch one episode of the crappy 8th season of The Walking Dead. And last year's TWD audience utterly crushed the broadcast networks.


@10 So, maybe add a panel of psychiatrists as a fourth co-equal branch of government? ;)

If I could apply a magic wand to the Constitution, I would abolish the states and replace them with rationalized administrative districts. This would simultaneously eliminate the Senate and Electoral College. That's all it needs.


As long as they don't pre-empt any of the programming on pornhub I don't care how much time he takes on CBS, NBC, and ABC.

/did I just type that out loud?


No. Next question.


Best to defer the decision until he's done lying.

Broadcast it delayed - with interspersed analysis, commentary and factchecking - if it breaks news.

DOn't broadcast at all if it's just anothe campaign rally.


@13 Seriously though, most people probably aren't feeling like television is the escape it once was—a few more years of this and Pornhub will probably be the biggest media network.


Let him have his broadcast. Just run a fact check in real time. Shouldn't be too hard to guess many of the talking points in advance. So, like, when he says, "People crossing the border is an emergency today," put up a chyron underneath him saying "Actually illegal border crossings have been declining year over year." When he says, "We stopped 4000 potential terrorists at the border," throw one up saying "Actually, they were stopped at airports and most proved perfectly harmless." When he says, "Democrats refuse to re-open the government," throw one up saying "Actually, the House just passed a bill re-opening the government but the GOP-led Senate refuses to consider it."

Let him spew, but undercut him at every turn.


I'd like to see the networks force him to preempt tonight's Alabama-Clemson game if he wants to make an address. I mean, if this is truly the urgent crisis the administration is claiming, why wait until tomorrow?


Do the Networks still have that set of cables they hook up to the testicles of Interviewees?

The ones where if you Lie, you get a little jolt.
The second lie gets a wannabee Pinnochio a slightly bigger shock.
It goes up to 11.

OMG -- just think of the Pay-Per-View.
Hell, it'd wipe out the National Debt overnight.

Have at 'er, Mr. Precedent!


The media need to learn to distinguish the office from the man; cover the former, and ignore the latter. CNN in particular loves to cover Trump, not the presidency. It’s good for ratings. And that, sadly, is why the address will get covered, even though a fake crisis being trumpeted by a pathological liar isn’t even remotely “breaking news.” Same ol’ same ol’.


@1: You might as well just never buy any familiar or popular product ever again as they could be blemished with their advertising dollars infected by Disney, Comcast/NBC Universal, Fox, CBS, Viacom and so many others broadcasting and streaming Trump's speech.


Promises to be interesting.
He only asked for 8 minutes. Doesn't seem like enough time to both lay out the case that a) there really is a crisis on our southern border, and b) his only option for addressing it is to jettison the Constitution.
So he will probably just focus on a)... and plead, whine, deflect, and threaten. And then, as usual, wander off into un-diagnosed dementia la-la land.
Meanwhile... the newly fired-up Dems smell blood and have demanded equal time. Now they may not get it, but what they almost certainly will get is enough of a platform to respond and get their message out.
And what I have been hearing lately from the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, et al gives me hope that will be enough to tip this battle in our direction.
Fingers crossed.


@22 -- "... the newly fired-up Dems smell blood and have demanded equal time. Now they may not get it, but what they almost certainly will get is enough of a platform to respond and get their message out. And what I have been hearing lately from the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, et al gives me hope that will be enough to tip this battle in our direction."

Yeah, looks like Dems are growing Spines!

Here's another look at Trumpfy's soon-to-be, reality teevee cameo,
from a comment on the same story, in today's NYT:

"Sorry, but I cannot imagine why anyone would bother to watch Trump read a speech to us. He has proven himself completely unreliable as a negotiator. He has lied to us every day. He claimes that a wall is identical to border security, and doesn’t even spend the border funding he has. This issue means nothing to him except to symbolically pretend he has a 'win' for his deplorable base.

Meanwhile, the actual issue, immigration laws and enforcement, gathers dust just as a humanitarian crisis expands yards away from our southern border. This man cannot even pretend to lead this nation. I’m not interested in a word he says. He deserves only the lousiest ratings for his 'speech'." -- "Dagwood," San Diego, CA

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