Bruce Harrell, President of City Council, Won't Seek Reelection



Another City Clowncil member stepping down after driving the City off a proverbial cliff.


Bruce Harrell for Governor!
(Ler the haters begin!(


Bruce Harrell for Governor!
(Ler the haters begin!)




@5 some of us think heroin addicts on every street corner, unchecked homelessness and skyrocketing rents as a bad thing


"Thriving businesses are discouraged when their work, commitment and ingenuity are met with public antagonism and resentment. Corporate social responsibility investments are lost in the noise of disenchantment."

Eh. They're lost because they're lipstick on a pig.


@9, spot on! We say we’re tired of “activists,” but we love their promises and keep electing them. The departing CMs (Johnson, Bagshaw, and Harrell) are right of center in Seattle.


@6: If you still think rents are “skyrocketing,” well, we can’t help you.

One thing I would like to know is how a person with Harrell’s experience got repeatedly stampeded into voting for counterproductively stupid legislation, like the EHT and “Hey, Let’s Get Our City Sued by The Showbox!”


God Don't know who he is but if he doesn't want it he shouldn't have it.


The important question now is: will the Stranger even pretend to unbiased coverage of the upcoming campaign for Harrell's seat? Or will it push--a la Kshama Sawant--a candidate who's woke rhetoric and self-styled progressive or 'democratic socialist' credentials, is supposed to compensate for a slender resume? Will it push some "Nazi" or "fascist" narrative about Ari Hoffman, because he doesn't fall in with the Stranger's 'everybody's a victim' narrative?