How to Actively Avoid Trump's Nationally Televised Speech Tonight



The real story of the 2016 election was that the Leftist media abandoned any pretense of objectivity or 'journalism'.
A democracy can survive corrupt politicians but when the media becomes corrupt things go downhill fast.


It's been a slalom run for quite some time. However it seems to have gone from a slow run up to breaking speed records.


[If @1 can derail this conversation, he gets a small Bonus.]

Word has it, Trumpfy's gonna pull another fast one
on his Base and talk about Catastrophic Climate Change.

"Remember when some City here in America got FOUR FREET of Rain this year?
Remember those Hurricanes that stuck around for DAYS?
And HOW 'BOUT them Wildfires, Califorinia?!
Remember Pleasureville?!

I do.

Oh, and all those Wars we started in Latin America?
Bringing out them Refugees, up here! by the Boatload/Carful?

I do.

This Planet's turnin' 'Shithole' even faster all on it's own than I couldda done.

So, remember, when I promised to drain the swamp? And filled it with alligators and crocks and snakes and shit? And most of the swampwater went out, but that was about it? Well, fuck that. That AIN'T Workin'!*

So, tonite, we're gonna go BOLD -- tonite I'm launching the baddest greenest Pragmaticest Program the World's ever seen! Fuck them Fossil Fools, they can keep that shit in the ground (we'll buy it from them). We're goin' ALL Green -- or Bust! There's WAAAAY more Jobs in that shit anyway. And we're gonna need LOTS of workers. So, folks, bring your shovels and pickaxes and linesmens' gloves and all that kinda shit and come on in. You're all Welcome here.

Except you badasses. You can go back to the shithole countries we fucked up earlier.

We'll be back down there (on the Other side, this time) when we make a little Headway up here."

*besides, there's a Mueller Posse hot on my Tail.


It goes deeper than even ratings and clicks.

As astutely observed by Amanda Marcotte at salon, the corporate media are owned by white, male billionaires who disproportionately benefitted from Tdumpā€™s tax scam for the rich, and they will say and do anything to promote white supremacy and kleptocracy.

They are in fact the enemies of the people and will gleefully betray us for a dollar.


1 established his identity yesterday as an ignorant bigot, even embraced it.

Today he embellishes his vileness with further ignorance and lies.


What's wrong with Law and Order reruns?
Or South Park, for the politically incorrect?


@1 you mean the same "leftist" media that just gave Trump free air time and denied Obama the exact same opportunity when he wanted to address the nation on immigration?

Oh, yes, the same eeeeeevil commie media owned by massive for-profit conglomerates like Disney and Universal.

I guess multibillionaire Sumner Redstone who owns CBS is democrat is filthy commie just holding those billions to buy a billion olive drab Zhongshan tunics. Filthy commie.

What dumb dumb you are.


I just took a nap. Seemed like a much better use of my time.


"How to Actively Avoid Trump's Nationally Televised Speech Tonight"

Turn off the TV?