The Central District Is Losing Its Only Post Office Until Further Notice



Postal Plus (very helpful, 2 parking places in alley) is at 12th & Denny, mile from 23rd & Union:


This smacks of _ .


Let's be completely honest: 1.4 miles is not a "bitch of a commute" to mail something. I had a friend (of the millenial age range) express complete shock that to mail something with a stamp on it you could just put it in your box or hand it to a mail person. And you can drop it in boxes that are on sidewalks.

Yes, it sucks that the CD PO is going to be shut for a while, but let's be honest -- if you are going to mail something you need to buy postage for, 1.4 miles is a 25-minute walk or a couple of minutes on mass transit or in a car.



... and a soaking wet garment if you don't time it perfectly
unless, obviously, yur sportin' a famous Filson Lined Short Cruiser
available at only $350, next-day service available.

Then it's only a walk in the park....

Don't forget your crutches!
And the Baby!