Doris! We should send this nude picture of the congresswoman to the bridge club!
"Doris! We should send this nude picture of the congresswoman to the bridge club!" Alistair Berg/Getty Image

Viadoom is nigh: Can you feel it in the air? The apocalypse is coming to Seattle. Get ready for LA traffic without any of the perks of actually living in LA, like great Mexican food and the chance to casually run into Ryan Gosling on the street. You better figure out your alternative route soon, because by end of day tomorrow, you’re going to need it. If you have any questions, don’t ask me, just read this Seattle Times guide on how best to cope with the looming crisis. For the sentimental types, this might be a good time to take a final drive along the viaduct, for old times' sake.

People like Governor Inslee: But they’re not so sure about “President Inslee.” According to a recent Crosscut/Elway Poll, Inslee’s approval ratings have never been higher than they are now with 48 percent of people saying he’s doing a good or excellent job. But when it comes to how people think he’d do as president, that number drops to 35 percent. Inslee hasn’t technically announced he’ll be running for president, but let’s not kid ourselves. He’s got a PAC, he’s going to Nevada, this man is shooting for the moon. But shouldn’t we ask ourselves the important questions: Is he likable? Is he too shrill? How much do his suits cost?

Don’t trust grandma’s tweets: Old people (65 and older) shared seven times as many fake news articles than young people, according to a new study and everyone’s own life experiences with older relatives on Facebook. Conservatives were also pretty undiscerning about sharing fake news stories, with 18 percent of Republicans sharing fake news compared to only 4 percent of Democrats. I once shared a fake story on Twitter. It was while I was in Freetown, Sierra Leone, reporting on a mudslide that killed almost 1,000 people and I saw a story that Rihanna was going to donate several million dollars to the relief fund. It seemed nice, and I kind of needed a nice story at the time. Needless to say, Rihanna kept her money and I sheepishly deleted the tweet.

Gimme that vitamin D: In the immortal words of Annie, “The sun will come out TOMORROW!” At the very least, the rain will stop later today and Friday, maybe even through the weekend.

Opioid kickback scheme kicks back: Prosecutors in Boston got the former CEO of Insys Therapeutics Inc. to flip on other top pharma executives in a grand conspiracy of bribing doctors to prescribe addictive medical opioids to patients. Michael Babich pleaded guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud, which carry up to 25 years of jail time, but he may get a much lighter sentence after serving as a government witness in trials of other top Insys executives.

Sex robot snubbed at CES: The international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the hottest technology conference in the country. It's a place where geeks can go to try out the latest gear. But this year, there is a distinct lack of sex toys, well at least ones aimed at women. Female developers are alleging gender bias at CES for allowing male-focused sex robots but not some of their gadgets that use “new micro-robotic technology that mimics all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue, and fingers, for an experience that feels just like a real partner.” Except a real partner will probably ask you to return the favor.

No collusion, no slamming! President Donald Trump really wants you to know he didn’t slam the table at the latest shutdown negotiations, which lasted all of 30 minutes. He just raised his tiny palms and said “Bye-bye” which is somehow way worse. Today marks the 20th day of the shutdown, and there is no end in sight. But at least we got this sick burn from Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Shroomin in the Mile High City: Denver could become the first city in America to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, ya know, the kind that let you see sound and hear color.

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Fuck the Daily Caller: Internet trolls have been breathlessly attacking ever since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was sworn in last week, and for the most part it’s backfired. But the most disgusting attack yet was the Daily Caller publishing a fake nude photo of AOC, a sitting member of Congress, that had been circulating in Republican circles.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Scream for Queer Art and other Capitol Hill Art Walk events, a screening of Sawdust and Tinsel to kick off the Magic Lantern of Ingmar Bergman film series, and an evening of "indulgent sound confections" by local dream-pop/indie-rock band Antonioni.