How’s the plan to nationalize Starbucks and upgrade it to DMV-like service coming along?


The city’s tools and losers will continue to flock to the dirtbag Marxist.


Of course, she could always get purged by a local soviet.


The Sawant Effect, named after socialist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant, is the phenomenon by which a person's approach to advocating for a proposition is so noxious and offensive that it finally brings the proposition itself into enduring odium, irrespective of its intrinsic merit.

Since Sawant first seized a bullhorn to harangue a crowd, the enthusiasm that propelled her to the very pinnacle of novelty has ebbed measurably. The next Seattle City Council election still eight month's out, so any polls must be taken with a grain of salt. Still, no fewer than 88 percent of Sawant's constituents recently responded "yes" or "maybe" to the question: Would you now consider becoming a card-carrying member of the Chamber of Commerce? A whopping 98 percent answered either "yes" or "hell, yes" to the question: "Do you wish Councilwoman Sawant would embrace Catholicism?"


Wether she runs again or not is a decision the Socialist Alternative Council will make.


So just to be clear: the Socialists, who the evil corporations (which, for them, is all corporations... but I digress) uses Facebook? Facebook? Hahahahaha!

Shouldn’t these guys be stapling leaflets and manifestos to telephone poles?

The irony is sooooo rich.



Then you'd just complain about the fact they bought paper, staples, and copy toner.


Sorry @5 correction 'Whether'.


Nothing is a better honey pot for the 101st Trolling Broflake Butthurt Brigade than a post about Sawant.

NOW! Blow the doors. Seal them in! It's okay I'll sacrifice myself. BLOW THE DOORS!


@8: I think our brains typically auto-correct as we're reading so don't worry about typos. I only issue corrections when the meaning might be misconstrued.


@6 just imagine, she may fly in a Boeing jet too, buy food at Kroger, shoes at Nordstrom, and on . The irony, I can't stand it anymore.


@7: No, we’d be complaining she and her followers used paper, staples, and copy machines at City Hall to do it.

And we’d be right to complain about that.


@13: Best zing of the day!


Caracas on the Sound.

If Kshama Lama Ding Dong and her cohorts have their way, pretty soon Seattle dog parks will be where you go to forage for food.


The only thing Sawant is good at. Is being an incompetent socialist. For someone with a "phd in economics" she sure was smart enough to propose and pass a Head Tax that charged Amazon, the largest corporation in the world the same per employee tax as Dick's Burgers.
You can't make this stuff up.


The fact is that she speaks for a very large constituency that would have no other voice were she not there and everyone knows it.
Seattle is now home to a very large population of people in rather desperate financial condition who have become completely alienated from conventional politics.
It is very important for a healthy polis to have all citizens feel they have some buy-in in the corridors of power.


@17 I certainly hope her "very large constituency" likes eating dogs and wiping their asses with their hands.


@17 she doesn't speak for a very large constituency. she speaks for a very small committee. that's the problem.



You think it's ironic that a group aggressively pushing an agenda is using the most widely popular and accessible platform in the history of human civilization to do so?


@17: The fact is she refused to run for another city-wide seat, choosing instead to represent District 3. The voters of District 3 — and only of District 3 — are “who she speaks for.” (Giving her credit for something she actively refused to do seems a bit much, don’t you think?)

@20: And even that’s generous, given how much more progressive SeaTac’s $15/hour minimum wage already was. CM Sawant seems to have colluded with then-Mayor Murray to appease the business community, turning Seatac’s $15 Now into Seattle’s $15 Not Now (And Not For Everyone).

Other than that, she got defeated on the EHT, and got the city sued over an old cinder-block building on First Avenue. I wish her good luck in convincing the voters of District 3 she should be their choice again.



Wouldn't that likely qualify as perhaps the largest, or at the very least among the largest, accomplishments in a city council's history? What have any of the other council members accomplished of comparable significance?


The best thing about this thread is the same troll creating sock puppets of himself so he has somebody to "rubarabrubarbrubarb" with.


If you ask me, polite society should shun Marxists with equal vigor to the way they shun Nazis, given their equal proclivity for mass murder.



One person's "crazy" is another's "passionate." I don't begrudge you for rallying against her admittedly (and relatively) radical agenda, even as I think she's pretty great and I'm largely in agreement with it. But you said that she hasn't gotten anything beyond $15 done and I'd argue that in itself is more than the vast majority of council members achieve over the course of a career in most cities, certainly so down here in Portland.


She's a Communist and is therefore repellant.


Her future book is still being advertised on Amazon, the compny she hates. Too bad she is too lazy to actually finish it. We could all read about the war on Amazon, delivered to your house within 24 hours if you have Prime.


Why on Earth would we ever want to Nationalize the Banks and the Oil Corps? Let THEM extract All the value from this Planet -- we Citizens have NO "right" to any of it!

(why is it Alaska kicks oil money back to its Citizens?
that oughta be AGAINST THE LAW. Because Communism!)




20- Well I would argue yes, she has accomplished something else rather important, albeit in a losing effort. She was one of the main authors or proponents of the ill-fated head tax.

That garnered national attention and really cast a spotlight on the whole issue of whether having Amazon colonize a large portion of downtown has really been in the city's best long-term interest.
The ignominious end of that tax reflected worse on the opponents than proponents.
And she has actually proven to be rather responsible in governance, proposing areas to cut to offset her policy proposals and serious revenue proposals as well.
She is a lightening rod for hatred, obviously, but she has the courage of her convictions and a real fighting spirit.
Feel free to invent unrealizable metrics to measure her 'success', but then be sure to use the same standard when evaluating other councilmembers.


@31 -- Yes I know.

Each Alaskan resident has been getting checks for around $1K, ever since the Pipeline was insalled. What makes Alaska unique?

Why don't WE get a big chunk of OUR Resources?

Because, Capitalism?


Here's another Puzzler, @31 : Nestle pays $200 per year to take
400 gallons of water -- PER MINUTE -- 24/7/365.25, from Michigan.

That makes perfect sense to you?


If it’s ok to punch Nazis, I say it’s ok go to punch Marxist’s too.


@34: “She was one of the main authors or proponents of the ill-fated head tax.“

That you need to redefine “failure” to mean “success” really reveals more than you wanted anyone to know, amirite?

“...having Amazon colonize a large portion of downtown has really been in the city's best long-term interest.”

Amazon was founded in Seattle. Do you actually know what the word “colonize” means?

(Furthermore, I lived in Belltown in the early ‘90s. I returned a few years ago. The difference was all for the better, and much of the credit to Amazon.)

“The ignominious end of that tax reflected worse on the opponents than proponents.”

Seven of whom were the exact same City Council Members. But you just keep repeating that until you’re sure.

“Feel free to invent unrealizable metrics to measure her 'success',”

Like not having signature legislation repealed outright a month or so later?

“...but then be sure to use the same standard when evaluating other councilmembers.”

How many times has a unanimous vote of a legislative body been repealed by a better than 2/3 majority a month or two later? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?!?

Come back here after you’ve learned the difference between “words” and “actions.”


Careful, @37 -- some Grammar Nazi's gonna punch down,
and you're in just the Right spot.



The only conviction Kshama Sawant has, is that she should rule. Everything else is a means to that end.


Kristo, you are dumb as fucking stump. Not quite as stupid as Original Andy or Griz(nobody is that stupid), but you giving them a run for their money.

Do you actually understand how tiny 400 gpm is? Apparently you dont.

But it is sometimes fun to watch you flail around, acting like you have a clue when it’s painfully obvious that you don’t.

Keep on keeping on...


400 gallons per minute
I'd like to see you drink half of that in a day,
[I guess, you Would be]

Oh, and it is't Possible for human to distort the Biosphere is it, lyin_N_dyin?
I mean, it's just so fucking BIG!

And thank you for comparing me to Original Andrew.
If I'm gonna Copy somebody, I WANT them to be Original.



Thanks for confirming your cluelessness, but we already knew. You don’t have to keep reinforcing it.

“OMG 400 gpm!!!!” Lolz.

I have a 10hp pump at home that will do more than 400 gpm.

Big fucking deal. But do keep telling us that it’s some huuuge amount of water that some evul corporation is stealing from the peeps. Hahahahhahahaha, you fucking clown, go run along..


Those who are confused by Sawant's credentials vs. her economic ideas really need to read at least the summary of her dissertation for her economics PhD. Too lazy to look for the link, but I think it is on Google Scholar. Anyhow, here is the TL:DR as I remember it - old women in India are not in the workforce in large numbers; need more government intervention to get them into the workforce. IIRC no real ideas on HOW to do that...just...we need more government intervention to fix this.


42 -- Ah -- you missed my Point. No worries!

Once again: 'Each Alaskan resident has been getting checks for around $1K, ever since the Pipeline was insalled. What makes Alaska unique?'
'Why don't WE get a big chunk of OUR Resources?'

While I am most Impressed that you have a really Big Pump (400 gpm! Outstanding!), my point was and is: Who owns the Commons? And what shall WE Citizens DO with them?

Here's my take on: Socialism -- for the Wealthy?
[Caveat Lector! It's L O N G ! ]:

"Bill would hit Nestle with $20M annual state bottled water tax"

"Presently, Nestle pays a $200 annual paperwork fee per facility in Michigan but does not pay a tax or royalty on its extraction -- a fact which rankles many around the state in the wake of the Flint drinking water crisis and water shutoffs in Detroit.

"Bottled water tax revenue could be a steady funding source to help upgrade and maintain the state's aging water and sewer infrastructure,' Lucido said.

'It's not fair that these out-of-state and out-of-country corporations can swoop in, take millions of gallons of our groundwater, and sell it for a profit. They're basically poaching our water,' Lucido said.

'Why are we giving away our resources for free? Our state and its citizens deserve some compensation when companies are making a financial killing off our water -- a resource they're getting for practically nothing,' he said."

Whatchya think, Oh Destroyer of All (Lefty) Narratives?

Give that shit away, by the lakeful? Or, treat our precious
Water (and Oil, etc) as if We, the peeps OWN OUR fucking Resources?

Where does this Proposition 'fit' in Your narative?

Dying to know over here.

Oh, and I DO apologize for not having made this more Clear.


Also, Auntie Gee ain't stupid. Quite the contrary.

She can get pretty fired up, at times* (sometimes right quickly!),
(me too, at times) (I've learned [yeah, right!] the art of cooling off)
but stupidity is not one of Auntie Geez' faults.

*meet Auntie fucking Griz


Also, here's the link for @46:




Yeah, Kshama crows about her PhD like it earned her the Marshall Prize. It's been cited _twice- in undistringuished 'scholarly' journals. Sawant got a PhD from East Carolina State, the #55 or so ranked graduate econ program. The best she could hope for with that credential would be working in some insurance company's cubicle farm, or juggling multiple part-time instructor positions at area community colleges. But to hear her talk, she's the most brilliant mind in economics since, well, Karl Marx.


Gosh, Narrative_Destruction_Man, wherever did you go?

Can it be True, you're here solely to Stop_the_Conversation?!



None of you even seem to know anything about what she's done in her actual job, the one she's running to be reelected to. How does she vote? What does she do in her committees? How does she contribute to the debates on Council decisions? You have so much to say about her, but can you say whether does she or doesn't she serve District 3? "Oh, she travels a lot!" That's all you've got. She travels a lot and... what? Does she or doesn't she serve her district's needs? Do you even know what those needs are?

If there's any reason at all to shun Marxists, you ought to be able to find that reason right there in her actual record. But do you know?

No fucking idea, any of you broflakes. She's going to win again, because you idiots have no idea what you're doing and you always underestimate her.


Political Compass dot Org & Broad Left dot Org & Littlesis dot Org . . . . [ (L) ].

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