Women+s March Washington State to Disband in Protest of Anti-Semitism



Bunch of ladies arguing over a man and money.

Sounds like any Saturday night in the local bar.



Yeah, I can see you hunched over your barstool and nursing your can of Coors whiles the ladies pass you up for the young bucks to hit the dance floor. Your life is just one continuous George Jones song, amiright?


The anti-antisemitism has been thoroughly documented. No need to insert the word "allegations."


@ You don't get metaphors do you?


Has anyone under 40 even heard of Louis Farrakhan? Christ, this is dumb.

Oh well, national crisis and all, but it’s time for the activists to start eating each other alive.


@5 Apparently Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory have.

If they were associating with David Duke or Richard Spencer <-(hes the white supremacist right?) you'd be singing a different tune.


Luckily the Supreme Court protects the rights of Nazis to march so these events can proceed as planned....



I'm guessing you don't either, since you appear to have been using the expression "Sounds like any Saturday night in the local bar" literally, not figuratively.


Since I've never spent Saturday night in the local bar, I can only speak figuratively on the matter.

But you must admit, this is better than watching ladies mud wrestle. Maybe they should put it on pay-per-view?


@5 I'm in my mid 30's and am familiar with Farrakhan

The profiles of what happened with the leadership of the Women's March are pretty damming. In my opinion Perez and Mallory should have been nixed when in the first meeting they "asserted that Jewish people bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people." I'm certain African American representation in leadership could have been achieved by asking for referrals from NAACP or Southern Poverty Law Center.


Not to worry, I’m sure both ladies can easily get a job at Evergreen State College


Womens' March accomplished most of their goals in 2017 anyhow, there's nothing new for them to say. Why not have a virtual Skype march?

"Apparently standing up against anti-Semitism isn't a very popular thing to do right now," - let me fix that for you: Standing up to the people IN POWER isn't a very popular thing to do. These women cultivate a victim complex to disguise the fact that these leaders - even nominal leaders of disorganized movements like #MeToo - have actual power that they can exert over the world, and more power than 99.9% of the people in this country. Don't let them piss on our heads and tell us it's raining because they can point to their oppression gold medal for having been born a middle class white woman who was forced to attend their second-choice private liberal-arts college despite bravely overcoming an admission system that values performance on timed tests and not intersectional modes of thought delivery.

Also, can we just call bullshit on these 'allies'? Like, who's voluntarily punishing themselves for their past misdeeds? Oh, no one? They're waiting for their friends to discover tweets they hit like on 7 years ago? The people their targetting had already forgot the only 90% ideologically compatible viewpoint? Who cares, give me this pound of flesh. That GrindR story should be proof positive that the purpose of these movements today is simply the joy of punishing others. "The cause" has been completely forgotten.

All that said, Beem sounds like she has her head on her shoulders, compared to her colleagues.


@11 SPLC is not the august organization you and I grew up with - they've been coopted.


yeah but the really big question is - does everyone have one of those corny pink pussy hats?


"200 thousand years of homosapians, give or take, women still can't empower themselves."

-Harvey Weinstein.


What sh*try comment section.


@5 "Why can't the racism and prejudices of people I agree with be forgotten so we can get back to the real problem of racism and prejudice from people I don't agree with?"


People still pay attention to Louis Farrakhan?!