Debunking the Seattle Times Editorial Board's Screed Against Seattle School Levies



Seattle votes will indeed pass the two levies; and now you know why "The Rent is too dam High."


Income Tax, but only the rich right? Hooray! More new Taxes!


How many of the teachers going on strike, or threatening to, hate the Government Shutdown?


Sure, sure, more taxes, that will help.

It will help raise up rents. It will help make Seattle more unaffordable for the very people these authors claim to represent.

Seattle Public Schools teachers have a pension program far more generous than anything the private sector taxpayers could dream of. Same goes for healthcare. Hell they even get paid to go to Olympia and lobby for more money. And those teachers are paid plenty - a bachelors degree and zero experience nets you $48,097 for 10 months of work. SPS teachers max out at $111,322 per year.

The teachers don't need more money. They don't deserve more money. But they are a huge liberal voting block so they will be permitted to rip off the taxpayers anyway.


I didn't know people in Shoreline had to pay Seattle levies. Please, tell us more.


Thanks for this article. I support levies even though I'd rather see the money coming form Bezos than renters. One thing I still don't understand: since the state put a cap on local levies for education then how are we allowed to renew the levy? Is the new levy of a lower amount than the old one to meet the requirements?