Why Do White People Hate Using the Word 'Racist'?



Don't forget Jemele Hill getting in trouble at ESPN for calling Trump racist.


Are you kidding? In Seattle white people are the first to use it.

You obviously don’t read German Sausage’s posts. He’ll scream over ice cream flavors.


White people hate to be called racists, because even those who are racists associate the word with "bad people", and no white person wants to think of themselves as being a bad person. A "good person" can do or say bad things, so it comes down to parsing racism into being a racist = bad, but saying racist things = not so bad.


"I am not a racist, but ..."


People who use color adjectives to modify nouns of people are perpetuating the problem.


I’m not sure they don’t like the word so much as they don’t think anyone white is a racist. They’re part of the same club, see? It’s sort of like when someone calls your friend an asshole. What’s your immediate response? “Oh, he’s not so bad...”

My other theory would be that “racist” implies criticism, and like most bullies, racists expect you to just sit there and take the punishment they dish out, because they’re better than you. You have no right to complain, in their view.


Yes… King is clearly a racist. But so are:
Barack Obama,
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
Maxine Waters,
James Clyburn,
Andre Carson,
Keith Ellison,
Al Green,
Danny Davis,
Ilhan Omar,
Rashida Tlaib,
Leslie Cockburn,
Trayon White Sr.,
Muriel E. Bowser,
Joshua Lopez,
Tamika Mallory, and
Carmen Perez.
All of whom are unrepentant anti-semites and, therefore, the worst sort of racists (genocide in the 20th century trumps slavery in the 19th century). Making (by your definition) all of their supporters (including you, Charles), and, in the cases of Mallory and Perez, the entire Women’s March organization and all of its supporters, racists also.

BTW: Obama, Waters, Clyburn, Carson, Ellison, Green, Davis and Mallory (and of their supporters) all get bonus points for being homo-phoebes too by extension of their ongoing or past support of Louis Farrakhan.


@9 I didn't know Phoebe was a homo!


@10.... LOL
Damn auto correct/fat thumbs.


Is it possible that LimpSausage is actually Charles incognito?


Go easy on them, the pseudointellectual indie-Marxist kids are still making their pivot from post-racial thought.

It’s hard to go from “race does not exist, rather it is a social construct cast upon our shoulders by imperialist powers” to “everything is about race ever” without some serious whiplash.

Let me know when the ringing of the ears and the clouded thoughts of a cultural concussion begin to abate, please.

Maybe then you’ll be able to point out your location on a map. I’ll help you pass the test, though - I’ll just hold the map in front of a moving picture and have you point at it.

Gold star!


Karl Marx on Jews: “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities…. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.”

“In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.”

Karl Marx = Anti-Semite = Racist = Charles Mudede

Karl Marx on Mexicans (for bonus points): “Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?”



There is a thing called paranoia. You should really read up on it.



You have been busted Charles. The secret is out, clown.


German sausage will call someone “racist!” for ordering vanilla ice cream.

It’s Tourettes for virtue signallers.


racists need to be called out, but when white people are told that they are all racists the issue becomes a bit muddy. when you throw me in the same bucket as david duke and steve king i tend to lose interest.



Whoa! So you're saying an Eastern European philosopher who was born over 200 years ago held some antiquated and abhorrent views!?! Fuuuuuck... Mind, BLOWN!

You know what would be insane is if human beings evolved to develop the capacity to apply context and discretion to a situation or scenario, and then to judge it within something resembling a culturally relevant context. Maybe even to parse out elements of the scenario with respect to those which remain relevant today from those that should be summarily dismissed for being reprehensible. Please let us know if you ever obtain this apparent superpower.


That would be much to nuanced for today’s cultural purity tests. Our “forefathers” must now answer to today’s conventions without consideration of perspective or context. How else can we justify erasing the ill gotten monuments to thier fatally flawed ideas???

And the fact that Charles agrees, even in part, with any of Marx’s ideas, means he must now answer for all of them.

Don’t blame me. I don’t make up the rules.



and we have seen from your posts that your character is pretty fucked up.



ClownSausage, I understand what the definition of paranoia is, it is perfectly suits you.

Your long history of posts is proof positive of your paranoia. Seek counseling and get some treatment, before you accuse the wrong person of being a racist Nazi and end up at Harborview.


Hurry Gendry, run to the wall and send a raven!

I’d put my friends to work and start a giant cross mega mart but I have this nagging suspicion that poor soul is completely insane.


My own snarkiness aside, how come we in Slogland never seem to get to the next level in these very important discussions on race relations?


@27 Should we have "a conversation"?


I don't know about you all, but where I live (NYC) people are constantly talking about racism, designating this one or that or some language or statement or picture as 'racist'. The word is about as worn out and shapeless now as 'fascist'. I suppose it actually meant something to someone once.


@3 and @8.Great discussion and very interesting thoughts.

@15, @16, @17, @23, @24...I don't know where to begin....but seems to me you're both proving Charles theory correct in everything you post on this topic.

@27 Exvellent point.





actually its Charles who proved my theory correct.


With the deeply felt caveat that I believe all humans are of equal value, how does the undeniable fact that East Asians have average IQ's that are 40-50 points higher that Sub-Saharan Africans factor into racism? The gap is somewhat smaller with European countries. How is it that countries with high average IQ's have far less crime, disease, education levels, poverty and far higher standards of living? Is it racism, environmental factors, luck? The simple reality is that nothing predicts success, longevity, health, happiness and a higher standard of living than IQ. And it's only becoming more and more important in an ever more complex and demanding world. It's certainly true that one can't tell how intelligent a person is by outward appearance, but the trends, averages and science are clear. And no, I'm not a racist. I consider all my fellow beings as equals. And I can only imagine the shit that will be thrown at me asking this very simple question.



I would love to have a reasonable discussion with you. No blatant accusations or name calling.

Just a stay on point discussion about the fact that:

1) Good people do bad things.
2) Bad people do good things. (For gawd sake, watch 'Crash').
3) It's okay to admit that you might have been wrong on a certain moral stance (I have done it several times).
4) The whole point is that ignoring, defending, and rationalizing people who say racist things and commit racist acts...ummmm...makes them complicit in the minimization of all those DEPLORABLE acts (and I honest to gawd never liked Hillary...I plugged my nose and voted for her).
5) No matter how many good things you have done, no matter how many people love you, or 'like' you on FB, IG, etc...if you are complicit in you're suppurt of racists...well, you're stained with their fetid psyche.


@27 oh, there's so much knee-jerk half-assed trolling that we really don't even try to avoid knee-jerk back and forth. No critical mass to hold a real conversation here. You can have real one on one exchanges if both parties want to, just hard to extend much beyond that. You do have an off-and-on habit of lazy remarks yourself, so you might have to show in action how you can engage in real conversation if that's what you want sometime.

It is pretty remarkable that a news organization, or anybody else, would shy away from calling white supremacy racist.


Oops, weed dealer showed up about 2/3 or the way through my last post. All kind of grammatical errors...my bad.

Us in Michigan still have to wait a few months 'till they have dispensaries like back home...


@33 Everyone knows IQ tests are culturally biased towards East Asians.


@33: “...the undeniable fact that East Asians have average IQ's that are 40-50 points higher that Sub-Saharan Africans...”

...shows that assuming an entity as complex as intelligence can be described by a single number is an irretrievably stupid assumption.

(I note that I am making a similar point to @37. I blame racism.)


Always look forward to Charles Mudede's articles. Thanks Stranger!


So Charles, how do black people feel about the word, when applied to them?
They throw it around a lot referring to whites but how, as a black man, do you and your fellows feel about having your own racism called out?

You forgot Jesse Jackson.


@40: Considering how strongly academic and social groups are pushing the "only whites could ever be racist" nonsense, it seems to me that non-white people really hate it.

Trying to change the definition and application of a word so that you can semantically excuse your racism as "not really racism" is a pretty telling move.


I love to see pro-Palestinian supporters being called anti-Semites. Yall know Arabs are Semites too right?


You have a point. Whites may not use the term "racist" either as a noun or adjective as much as non-whites (primarily African-American) because the visceral reaction "racist" is largely called out more often by the latter justifiably or not anyway. The reason is because of history (esp. in the USA) and the current pop cultural narrative.

That narrative is now "Take no prisoners" which is why Rep. Steven King was reprimanded. Others are now being called out. The narrative is demanding it. Yes, it is sometime misplaced. I don't know about King but the standard can be ridiculous to call someone, anyone a racist. Years ago I recall a conversation with a retired white woman using the antiquated term "cotton-pickin hands". The phrase is definitively racist but she wasn't. I know her quite well. She's a humanist.

Today, we still use idiomatic terms that are hard to weed out of common parlance. Just because they are used doesn't mean the person is racist. It might mean they are insensitive at worst but not racist. Thus, whites would not tend to call that out as much.


Trump and its ilk are racist slimebags. I am white, female, over 50, proudly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 because she was our only logical choice---and would do it again.
I believe that the racially derogatory slang term, "nigger", that sanctimonious people use unfairly on others to make them feel inferior is inexcusably wrong in our society. I refuse to make such an ugly word part of my vocabulary. What I don't understand is how anyone unfairly branded by that same odious slang term by others of another ethnical group will turn around and use it on themselves and others of their race in jest. This and all hate crimes need to stop.


@33 I am a bit late to the party but I do think that using average IQ as a measure has faults not quite as simple as @38 portrays it. Everyone everywhere will know dolts, geniuses and in between's. AVERAGE IQ's in areas with longer establishment of societies is inevitably going to be higher than others. I've transferred work from Peru - where the city of Caral is as old as Babylonia - to Papua New Guinea, the first chapter of The World Until Yesterday. I employ PNG Nationals who perform the same certificated tasks at the highest level right alongside US/Oz/NZ employees. Some were born and raised in huts without power or running water, but all used education to raise their abilities. My point being that the permeation of education within a society would have more of an effect on average IQ, not their race.