Advocates Praise Microsoft's $500 Million Housing Initiative, But They Have a Few Notes



Why do SLOG writers always use revenue instead of profit? Look at the income statement and scroll to the bottom.


@2 - Either because they’re unaware of this critical distinction or because they are aware but wish to keep their readership misinformed about it to perpetuate a “progressive” veneer.


1 If the super rich were not greedy and would stop robbing the people our lives would be so much better. Old people shouldn’t have to move to please the likes of you dear.

We need a revolution and not have to wait for donations.


Nicole Macri is pretty good.


@1, Your right, in fact they shouldn't have a right to live anywhere. Just old and in the way.


They’re kicking in $25M, but the vast majority of the money is loans. Some of that is below market, some is not. Microsoft will likely recoup the vast majority of these dollars. This looks generous, surely you could invest the money for a bigger return, but it’s not the same as pure philanthropy. I’m disappointed the Stranger didn’t dig deeper into the specifics. Microsoft is getting into the lending business.


"Microsoft will likely recoup the vast majority of these dollars."

I guess you didn't read about this. The interest rates are below market rates and all profits return to the fund allowing it to be self-sustaining for at least a decade. You can guarantee it will produce more units on cost per $ basis that any government-run low income housing program.

But stupid is, what stupid refuses to research.


"We need a revolution"

And how many can we expect to die in your "revolution"?