Dear Todd Herman: Maybe You Shouldn't Drive in Bus Lanes, Considering All Your Traffic Violations



Todd is my new hero. And you know he doesn't slow down traffic in the fast lane. Or sit at 4 way stops with his thumb up his ass wondering whether he should go.

Remember the old days when the kids rebelled and the old folk waggled their fingers?


@1 Yes, but Seattle women like their men emasculated.


Why is the op concerned with Todd? If, as stated he “beats the tickets every time”. Why doesn’t the op find out if that’s true. And why it’s true. If false, why it’s false.

Never mind, I answered my own question. This is the stranger. And they don’t do journalism.


This guy sounds like a real, genuine, as-real-as-they-come fuckface. Truly among the greatest scumbag degenerate monsters on this planet are the ones who drive in HOV lanes alone and who block bus lanes, all while saying, "FUCK YOU!" to the normal citizens who manage to preserve civil society by abiding the law. It takes a unique, special kind of sociopath to be as earnestly dedicated to being a gigantic piece of shit.

I hope "Todd" enjoys his extra special "you are going to be relentlessly targeted by the police, you dipshit loudmouth moron" status. And yes, honey, you're going to pay those fucking tickets.


What is the federal law that Todd uses to get his tickets thrown out? I need to know for, uh, science. It's pretty ironic that Natalie complains about Todd not following local law if the local jurisdiction didn't obey federal law when passing that law.


Tod is on KTTH radio Nathalie, not KIRO radio - even though they're owned by the same corp.


Yep....Leave it LimpSausage to turn an article about some guys traffic tickets into another “he’s racist!!!!” rant.

Cmon you all, admit it, you knew he was gonna do it.

I wonder, when LimpSausage has a really nasty case of the shits, he accuses the turds of being racist nazis.

Even money odds says he does.....


@5 I know, isn't Todd great? Generation Punk.

Now we have Generation Goody-two-shoes.



"Todd Herman is one of those people that bitches about illegal immigrants, but swears he's not racist."

Well if he bitched about legal immigrants, you'd have a point. But he doesn't, so you don't.

I once saw him in a coffee shop with a stunning Asian woman he didn't seem have a problem with.


My stars, the MAGA morons are sure loud and out in force the last few days, I wonder what has set them all aflutter. It surely wouldn’t be their law and order fetishistic religions dear leader commiting a federal offense and very likely being a Russian agent. Whatever it might be they sure are up in a tizzy.
Oh and Todd is most definitely a real special kind of asshole indeed, what a fuckface!


"That's what they all say."

Maybe he doesn't like fat chicks. Maybe you dig fat chicks. but can't hate him for that.


I'm always kind of amazed that HOV lanes that don't have some sort of automated enforcement work at all. If you have a long commute, cheating the carpool lane might save you 15-20 minutes a day and so get you several days of your life back per year. Consider that this guy has apparently done it every day for at least 14 years and has only gotten caught four times. They're not even moving violations, so there's no real penalties beyond whatever slap on the wrist fine. They need to make it like second or third offense, mandatory your-car-gets-crushed-into-a-little-cube.


"Todd is most definitely a real special kind of asshole indeed, what a fuckface!"

Generation Punk!


This dude may suck, but if he's actually beating the tickets, the yoke's on us.


I'm wondering how these laws are 'demonstrably illegal'. Has he demonstrated this?


I drive in SOV in the HOV lanes ALL THE TIME. Always on I5 going through downtown under the Convention Center.

I also rarely drive under 70 mph on highways (speed limit plus 8-10mph is my rule), I roll through stop signs, I pull into intersections when waiting to turn, I use my horn, I
l'll tailgate people driving slowly in the fast lane, plus I'll drive after a few drinks, but try to stick to back streets and do none of the above. In my youth I let several girl friends give me blow jobs while driving on I80 (sometimes while doing the above), but on my motorcycle I only ever had one hand job, while on near Philly at 2am I95. But when I do any of the above, I do them carefully, with a keen eye for the cops.

Never had an accident. One speeding ticket in 20 years, on Aurora Ave before I realized they put speed traps up near the bridge.

You young kids today are pussies.


Syd Viscous??? Dense indeed


@22 Maybe that was the joke?

You kids today.


@21 is this a joke making fun of the impotent rebellion of lame white dads aging out of relevancy and existence (like Todd Herman), or are you actually such a milquetoast loser that you think aggressive driving and roadhead from your high school sweetheart 40 years ago are somehow punk or cool lmao


@17 Oh don't worry, it's coming



You claimed he was racist because of traffic tickerts...lolz



Funny thing about aging white dads - we have all the money and management positions...jokes on you I guess.

Have fun paying your rent!


i'm a senior engineer working in fintech lmao you know that all us young people are moving here for 6 figure jobs fresh out of college right?


I don't have a problem with any of this. Enjoy your tickets, Todd.

Remember those morons who were destroying their own coffee makers? This goes back to 1966 when they went out and paid good money for Beatles records, then burnt them. They bought disco records in 1979 and burned those. One cheeto flushed his Gillette razor, according to Twitter. Or... he says he only put the razor (that he paid his own money for) in the toilet to take picture, but didn't try to flush it (because it's a razor handle, which is a very obviously unflushable thing, as all experienced toilet users know). So he reached his hand into the toilet water and fished it out. Nice one! Do it again!

Now this goober is like doing is lame helmet hair Thelma & Louise turn in the bus lane. The bus lane! Badass! Tomorrows Todd Herman editorial: "Dear Libs, I'm abusing TWICE as much Fentanyl now! Pwned!"

You're ruining your own life, Todd. I'm cool with that. Go get those tickets. And you beat some of them!? Wow. Go, Todd, go. Go spend a whole day waiting around in court so you can get out of paying one ticket. You have so owned Mike O'Brien and all the whole nanny state and all the libs with your hilarious self abuse. More, Todd, more! Leave that seat belt off! Eat a pound of bacon!

Goes without saying Todd has 50 guns at home, stored extra unsafe NOW. Take that!. What could go wrong? I hope all of Todd's fans follow his example. Hey Todd Herman listeners! Don't be a pussy! Be like Todd!


@28 lmao, Bragging about being a tech nerd. That’s a first. Fresh out of college I was working in restaurants and getting blowjobs in my car.

Now I got the Seattle house equity and still get the blowjobs. Just not in the car because of kids.

Middle aged white male speeding on I5.


Reminds me of that joke in Broadcast News when the high school meat head is taunted that he will never make more than $18,000 a year. He says, "18k a year! Sounds pretty good." There really are men who have remained stationary for decades. Their aspirations are exactly the same at 50 as they were at 18. Ooooh, got a car! Getting blowjobs! Life!

Young people reading this: please don't kill yourselves. Most of you won't turn out like this. Most of you will become so much more than you are now.

Never change Johnny. Never change. I guess there's absolutely no need to say that, is there?


Is this a comment section full of talk radio listeners, is that what happened here?


Here is your challenge for the week: Tune in Todd Herman on the radio and see how long you can listen to him before turning beet red and screaming "JESUS FUCKIN H. KEEEERIIIIST, THAT IS THE STOOPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD" an jabbing at the tuning button so hard it hurts you finger. I have made it to 7.5 minutes. Have at it.


Laws are a joke in Seattle - so - yeah, it's a free-for-all. If junkie vagrants can take over Seattle with their crime, filth, tents, needles, shoplifting, and junk RV's - then yes, I will skirt all laws I can for my convenience.