Our new god.
Our new god. Timothy Kenney

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! I'm a privileged white guy so read about it from much more insightful writers today like Tyrone Beason's latest article or Ijeoma Oluo's recent speech. Email me your favorite MLK writing of the day!

As our Lt. Governor, Democrat Denny Heck will fight for justice.
He took on Trump to protect our Democratic values. It's time for his proven progressive leadership.

STEM is taking over UW: I can’t even tell you how many times I overheard people make fun of non-STEM majors, jokingly and not, when I was at UW. There’s even a whole meme-category for making fun of STEM kids for thinking they’re hot shit. But the numbers show that there are now almost as many students majoring in STEM as non-STEM, that’s a 37 percent jump over last decade. The humanities are suffering because of it, which means no more professors studying obscure Balkan history.

Which Seattle Womxn’s March did you go to? There were three separate events this year due to disagreements among organizers about the events inclusiveness: the Seattle Womxn’s March, the Women’s March 3.0, and the Seattle Women’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women March. The number of marchers dropped even lower this year to about 10,000, a far cry from the over 100,000 marchers in 2017.

Teens still racist and disrespectful: New details about a viral video over the weekend of dozens of pubescent white boys wearing MAGA hats mocking a Native American elder at the Indigenous Peoples March show a different sequence of events. It appears the crowd of bad haircuts gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. for the anti-abortion March for Life event last weekend. They then allegedly pointed their ire at a group of black Hebrew Israelites reportedly shouting things like "America ain't never been great. It only been great for you damn peckerwoods." Nathan Phillips, the Native man, then waded into the crowd to defuse the situation and was ceaselessly mocked by the kids. You tell me, do these new details make it any less racist?

Amnesty Donald: As we ride into the fifth week of the government shutdown, the Trump administration attacked Democratic leaders for rejecting their proposal to restore temporary protections for undocumented immigrants like Dreamers in exchange for wall money. Democrats were fooled by this bait-and-switch before and they won’t be fooled again, but Republican leaders are going to try wrapping the proposal into a larger bill funding disaster relief. Go back into your shell Mitch McConnell!

Full hearts, clear skies, can’t lose: I hope you all got outside last night to howl at the SUPER WOLF BLOOD MOON! It was crazy and I have pictures of it at the end so check those out. Oh, yeah, the weather. It’s nice today but wet and grey after that.

Geek out with me over Jason Ransom: He’s only one of the most badass carnivore ecologists in the Northwest and Crosscut scored the exclusive interview. Ransom is currently working to reintroduce the fisher, a small weasel-like carnivore, to the Cascades but the government shutdown is impeding his work and the work of so many other ecologists.

2020 Hopefuls: Kamala Harris, a Democratic senator from California announced her bid to run for president in 2020 earlier today as many expected she would. Also, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is also looking into running as an independent to which all of Seattle groaned, “No, please god no.”

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Super Wolf Blood Moon: Goddamn that’s so fun to say. The clouds cooperated and let us see the last total eclipse of the decade last night. I sat outside in the cold drinking beer on my front lawn until midnight for you people to bring you the content you crave. Then I got up at 6 am to bring it to you so yeah, you could say I’m a little strung out this morning. But here it is!


It's MLK Day! Check out our MLK Day calendar for all the events happening today, including the Seattle MLK, Jr. Day March and Celebration.

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