I Thought the MAGA Boys Were Shit-Eating Monsters. Then I Watched the Full Video.



Excellent and quite thoughtful commentary, Katie. Thanks.


Nathan Phillips - just an old guy with a drum looking for his more than 15 minutes of fame. This man manipulated the press and, now that hours of video reveal he is simply a lying old man with a drum (not a Native American War Vet to be revered and bowed down to), he deserves to be called out on the carpet and made to apologize to these kids. I read he is trying to orchestrate a meeting with the high school students. Meeting with this old man with a drum is the last thing these kids need. Old man with drum is walking around pretending he is here to instill some morals and guidance to the young. Old man with drum needs a spanking and sent back to wherever he came from.

The comedy is that no one in the press wants to confront old man with drum. He's a fraud and a charlatan. Where are his tribal elder chaperones? He has done nothing but reinforce stereotypes about old men with drums. Ha!


Thanks for being honest and unbiased. Much respect.


Aaaaaaasssss person of coloooooooooorrrr, my racodetecotor must be broken. I never realized I had the power to distinguish between a nervous smile and a racist smirk. I better get that checked.


@103 kristofarian: Bingo. See my comment @61.


@78: See my comment @61. I read the article to get the whole story before commenting.


@110- make sure you have that checked by a reputable place. If they tweak it too far to the left it'll be pinging "racist" every time a white person clances at you.


I think @80 has it. All the high powered PR firms and imperfect victims aside, I don't see that there is any way a rational human can see otherwise.

How are we to act when confronted? Are we to run, cede ground to the aggressors? Allow baby bullies to grow into big bullies? This would be the part of the trial where the defense lawyer asks 'why were you out so late? what were you wearing?'


@105 - Cool excuse for your bigotry but you're still weak and ineffective.


@104 - Your lack of courage seems to bother you. My recommendation stands - try Xanax. It won't make you a decent person but you'll feel better.



Another Olympian Leap!
Well done.


@117 kristofarian: I'm still amazed that you'd ever agree with muffy on anything.


Yeah, me too, auntie gee. (also w/ D_y_n!)
But when the right words come out of the wrong mouth
they're still the right words.

@115 -- Alcohol Gaze -- here you are @98:
"So Katie's first instinct was to jump to conclusions. Interesting."

And then, here you are again: @102: "I was relieved to hear that these MAGA boys were just prostrate with grief over the use of homophobic slurs by that hate group. I'll bet when they got on the bus they said, 'Homophobic slurs? That's so gay.' "

"'I'll bet when they got on the bus they said, 'Homophobic slurs? That's so gay.'"

They call that 'jumping to conclusions'....

Oh and here's part of my comment @84. Read it, and witness the bigotry:

" They [baby MAGAts] won my little heart with:
'The Bible condemns homosexuality,' the street preacher yells,
and one of the boys calls out, 'They’re still human!' "

Jumping to conclusions oughtta be an Olympic Event.
We'd prolly all qualify......


@119 kristofarian: lol I think a lot of us would go gold! That was why I read Katie's article first before commenting. I'm glad I opted out of watching the video.


So the Catholic School students were at a "pro-life" rally, the black guys were screaming racist crap at them and the Native American man who claims to be a "veteran" plopped himself in the middle of it all. All these men need female supervision to control their fuckery.


Where's Lissa? I was really hoping she'd be all over this.


@124 randommonkey: I know, right?


Mr Farian - Anti-gay slurs used by those on the other side who don't seriously give a flip but who just want to trigger snowflakes hasn't been edgy since 2015. So-Called Allies who enjoy citing anti-gay slurs because it gives them the fun of saying the words while scoring Virtue Points is timeless.


@127 -- I'm sorry, to which of my 10 comments are you referring?
Or are you referring to @102?
Not sure I'm following you....


You deleted your tweet, but did you apologize to the Covenington kids and admit you were wrong?