I Thought the MAGA Boys Were Shit-Eating Monsters. Then I Watched the Full Video.



Katie your the best thing on the web, keep it up love how you are able to focus on the reality of the situation this country is in vs the politicized echo chamber hell most of us fall into.


I watched the long video from your feed, and the kid being demonised is actually the one who comes out looking the best.

He didn’t dance like on MTV, he didn’t open his mouth, he didn’t back away, he didn’t act threateningly, he didn’t lie afterward.

I’m sure there are several in the MAGA camp and several in the native camp who, if I watched the video on a person-by-person basis, I could find no fault in their actions before, during, and after old guy with drum walks up to child.

Old man yells at cloud.


If you wear a maga hat to an anti-choice rally you are well within the margin of error of being the definition of a shit-eating monster, but i still wish people would wait until the full story emerges before internet-murdering someone.


My biggest regret is not being in Vegas this weekend, because as soon as I realize this was a viral video I knew that betting a Herzog defense would be a sure thing.



Hahahhahahahahhhahha.....you all knew LimpSausage wasn’t gonna leave this one alone, even if it does make him look the fool


everything about this is a sad reminder of how fucked we are as a nation, religious bigots, christian pro-life kids that have zero reference for the subject outside of what their parents teach them, fake news, outrage and hate based on a photo with no context outside of what we read on our facebook feed that has been algorithmic programmed to trigger responses and shares, the Russians have to be laughing their asses off at us right now.


Nathan Philips decided to insert himself into a scenario to protect an SLPC-identified hate group against a group on teenage boys. Hero.


You are so right.
What someone is wearing tells you all you need to know about them.
Just ask Travon Martin...


Wearing a maga hat = supports trump
Wearing hoodie = it’s chilly outside


Standard media morality playbook:
Native American guy banging drum - Good
White kids wearing MAGA hats - Bad
Black Hebrew Israelites shouting homophobic and racist slurs - Uh, we don't like to talk about them


Katie-Thanks for digging in to the videos and writing a well considered essay.


Thank you Katie, saving us time and emotion as we can triage not having to get outraged over this.


Singing songs and carrying signs. Mostly say, "Hooray for our side."


What @13 said.


America. Go to your room and your not getting any dinner or dessert and I don't want to hear another peep out of you!


"he tries “to remain respectful of others, and to take no action that would lead to conflict or violence.”

He stood his ground rather than let Phillips go through like everyone had done before him. Was it really the best course of action to avoid conflict? Despite the choir boy look and his appeals to innocence, it seems like he knew very well what he was doing by refusing to move his face away from the beating drumstick


Another opportunistic article by an opportunist. Blip and German Sausage thank you and see you in the trenches.


O, and of course
Sea Tackled!!!!!



Hearts for you.



Well, yeah, don't you remember all those photos of MLJ and Gandhi with the same looks on their faces as they protested?


Social media rots your brain.


@18 So, only a true dickhead would do that. There's a 99% chance that that kid and his friends are mostly privileged, entitled dickheads.

That's actually the source of the difference between folks like Katie (who I'm generlly in agreement with) and folks like @5 who think that the narrative triumphs over evidence. Now, nevermind that "the world is how I say it is and everyone else is wrong and wicked" is the worldview of every single one of the most despicable humans of all times and Seatackled heartily subscribes to it anyhow and has never thought about anyone long enough to finish blinking let alone reevaluate his thoughts - the basic problem is that he's wedded to his narrative no matter what and so are the elite leftists who have the power over media narratives.

In this case, they're technically correct. Based on who this kid is, he's bad and wrong. What he and his friends did on the capital steps - what he and his friends did at all - they're simply bad people who should not be welcome in this country. They shouldn't be welcome at the Lincoln Memorial, they shouldn't be welcome at our universities, they shouldn't be allowed to keep to themselves in their own bedrooms, they shouldn't be allowed to exist as people. They shouldn't be able to watch TNT reruns while in prison. They shouldn't be above ground. Anyone who birthed them, taught them, or failed to pass judgement on them should share the same fate.


@18/19: Yes, their behavior was disrespectful and obnoxious regardless. Nevertheless, evaluation of the full incident is appropriate and doing so really doesn't detract from what you are saying (e.g. stupid kids).

I think that's worth a slight bit of nuancing. Not worth expelling them from school over an incident that after some maturity, we can hope that they will profoundly regret.

Young adults deserve second chances.


@5 You should definitely bet on Herzog continuing to keep silent about the on-going attempts to pass anti-first amendment legislation, i.e. anti-boycott laws

Not all attacks on civil rights are worth covering, of course.


Black Hebrew Israelites. Wouldn't want to miss out on "The Rapture".

Blip: You just confirmed what 13 and 16 said. We are doomed.


24 Hardly an “elitist leftist”as you assume. I’ve been poor white trash most of my life and bullied and sneered at by those who think they are better in addition to being a poor female. You should not but probably will make wrong assumptions about the left dear.


Thank you 26.


So? No matter what this kid says was in his mind, we all see his attitude by what he’s wearing on his face and his head. Why did the Church allow kids to be wearing those hats.. ones which say, we agree with the racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted etc President. That’s the real crime here. And that smug face.


Am I the only one who thought the BHI guy was hot until he started spewing his bile about gay people? It's easy to forget the ire for gay people around the world and just behind closed doors here in America.

As you said Katie, as usual with the truth and a rumor... the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. A bunch of assholes, immature boys who are probably assholes, posturing hatred for gay people, posturing defense for gay people, and a flustered native american protester trying his best, I guess.


The Catholic Chiurchbus full of kiddie fiddlers, why would they stand up against a man who incarcerated them.
It’s their parents and the Church who should cop the blame here as well. “You have to be taught..” another ‘South Pacific’ song Randy Rainbow might use one day.


The Catholic Church is full of kiddie fiddlers.


Agree. The story smelled fishy from beginning Sunday morning, so what I did was what any good american should do, verify the information. In about 5 mins of googling, I was able to ascertain that the famous picture of the baby MAGA smirking at the Native American was completely taken out of context and that the true instigators of this incident were the black guys.
However, kids should know these days that wearing a MAGA hat is like wearing a swastika or confederate flag. The only reason you would wear that hat is to provoke someone.


@27, for pointing out that wearing maga hat means he supports trump and the implicit racism/misogyny that goes along with it? That ship sailed years ago and i’m not the only one to call it out. mexicans are rapists, grab her by the pussy, etc — if you put that ugly hat on your head you choose to carry that baggage, proudly.

Anyway I don’t think the kid deserves any of this as i said above but at bare minimum he confirmed his contempt for women when he traveled hundreds of miles to march against their reproductive rights. I reserve the right to pass judgment on anyone who continues to proudly support this toxic presidency or denying women’s agency but that doesn’t mean i think this kid should be dragged for his actions without anyone knowing the full context of the situation.

If we’re doomed for anything it’s our inability to allow for that kind of nuance. He can have shitty beliefs and i can think he will grow up to be a shitty person and still think he does not deserve this.


Good Afternoon Katie,
Again, kudos to you for excellent reporting. I read the article in this morning's Seattle Times reevaluating the confrontation once all parties were interviewed and the entire video re-viewed.

Your observations are largely in agreement with mine. I'm reminded of something Mark Twain once remarked ages ago, "Rumor goes round the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on". It remains true today especially considering the velocity of today's technology.

I believe this the third time in as many weeks that major media got a story majorly wrong. Two weeks ago a 4 y/o African-American girl was tragically shot & killed in Houston by what some witnesses describe as a "white man with blue eyes" and what was thought to be a racially motivated killing. However a few days later, a 19 y/o black male, Eric Black turned himself in and admitted to the shooting.

Then there is the story of Robert Mueller's office rebuking a report released by Buzzfeed that then candidate for Pres. Trump instructed his attorney to lie. Well, you know the rest of the story.

It's getting ridiculous. Media is indeed, held accountable. I get our biases. They are not unusual to hold and hold strongly. But, we must discern. Yes, I'm also reminded of the film "Roshomon" by Akira Kurosawa. Sometimes viewing the same incident can yield different conclusions. Still, we must examine as much as possible. It benefits the truth.

I, at least appreciate the media for calling out the Hebrew Israelites. They are a vile and absurdist hate group.

Continue the fine work Katie.


Twitter, like religion, ruins everything.


@28 - As a parent, we take things like these and make them teaching moments. Kids are fickle. This boy could be a diehard left card-carrying liberal in a few years.

It is plausible that this boy is freaked out by having his smug face all across the internet. It's unfortunate viral videos can really ruin and harm lives when they are misconstrued. We have to be careful. If he here to commit suicide over this, what would you say then?


@40: It's called redemption. If we don't allow it and facilitate it, we fail and have worse results for our society.


have you been skipping counseling sessions again?
It is understandable that you are very bitter after that terrible accident in the butcher shop sliced off your teeny weeny peeny, but you are not dealing with it very well.


Where are the adults who are suppose to be chaperoning these kids?


These are brat boys, and a lot of them, out and about in the big smoke. Where in all these videos are the teachers. The adults. Can you see them?
That kid has a few notches to go down before he would hurt himself, Phoebo. nobody would want that.
Wearing that hat tells us who he is. Up to him whether he hears, and learns from this. And the rest of them.


I wonder how many people on Twitter, upon first seeing this story, thought about waiting for all the facts but couldn't because they're afraid of their followers turning on them.

If you have a reputation for tweeting angrily about anything social justice related, and you stay silent for too long, well..... People will assume you stopped caring.


TFW even Buzzfeed and CNN are backpedaling and telling everyone to cool their jets regarding this (non) story but you’re an angry leftist on the internet and need your FUCK DRUMPF endorphin shot of the day...I can only imagine the frustration.


I came across the Black Israeli Hebrews once at Pine and 4th. Their hate was right up front. It was so up front I was taken aback a bit. I remembering feeling sorry for them a little.


oh, Christ on a crutch
now I hafta agree with
Mellow Yellow?

What's this Planet coming to?!

GREAT Job, Katie.
And, well done, baby MAGAts!

Perhaps there IS Hope.


katy comes down on the side of power and privilege yet again, shocker

can she leave for quillette already


Very nice article, Katie. Thanks for doing some real journalism and revealing that this is a much more complex story than meets the eye.

Whether it's this situation, the famous Rodney King video, or any number of cases were people were tried and (sometimes wrongly) convicted in The Court of Public Opinion, a person can frequently draw the wrong conclusion from a snippet of video that's put out there without context.

In this media age, we all have an obligation to be careful and not leap to conclusions. The day may come when any one of us might be caught at a bad moment, and I'd certainly not want the sum total of my experience to be judged on the basis of a single picture or snippet of video.


@43 is right; where we’re the chaperones? None of this might have happened if they had adult supervision.

As for they guy with the grin? Katie, if you read “his” statement, you can see how mom hired a PR firm to protect him. That statement could have been written by Brett Kavanaugh. Lastly, look up this school and how students treat students from other schools. Not pretty.

That school has some soul-searching to do.


lmao of course we'd get dumbass comments like 52's saying the "full context" of the rodney king video somehow exculpates the cops

bet tamir rice had it coming too, and laquan mcdonald and philando castile and on and on

jesus christ


There was a time when it was perfectly acceptable to be a Democrat and also be pro-life. Friends would disagree but each could see the other's point of view. It wasn't automatically assumed that people that were pro-life somehow hated woman.

Currently, about 30% of Americans think that abortion should be legal in all circumstances and about 20% of Americans think that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. That leaves about 50% of the opinion that it depends on the circumstances and age of the fetus. (In the past decade there has been a slight increase in the popularity of the pro-choice position.) For example, my wife identifies as pro-choice and I identify as pro-life. When we get down to details, there is about three or four weeks of fetal age that defines our difference. Our family dynamic is reflective of the majority's nuanced opinion on this issue.

So, do we really want a pro-life person wearing a MAGA hat because the progressive version of the Democratic party gives him no where else to go politically? That doesn't mean that pro-choice Democrats should change their opinion, but it might help to stop hating those that disagree. We do need to get some of those Trump voters back before 2020.


@55, cool now run that same trenchant analysis but for the civil rights struggles of the 50s and 60s


I think the article is correct in many respects, and was agreeing with the overall argument, right up until it suggested that maybe one or two of the high school kids made offensive hand chop gestures. Spend a few more minutes, review and watch the audience more, it’s way more than two. There was also offensive dancing (including by at least one young person who appeared to be female in the crowd), imitation, etc. And that led me to wonder, did the article’s author write this long article without watching most of the video? Or more likely:

Did the article’s author start with a viewpoint, in this case that the initial reaction had to be wrong and look for evidence to confirm that? The answer would appear to be yes, and makes the author guilty of the very thing she complains about.


Well, at least they weren't wearing Swastika hats, so they must be OK?!?

By this time everyone knows the statement you're trying to make going out in public, and to a location where protests are happening, while wearing a MAGA hat. They're not guile less innocents.


@ Obviously I wouldn't do that. If the kid is a bigot, Trump is welcome to him. Different issues.


@54: I honestly can't speak to the cases of Mssrs. MacDonald & Castile, but the Tamir Rice case was indeed a tragedy; the officer 'shot first, and asked questions later'.

That said, there is a lot more to the Rodney King case, and if you'd take the time to research it, you'd see in isn't (no pun intended) black & white. Mr. King was DUI, and led police on a dangerous high-speed chase. He refused to comply with police instructions. Police procedure calls for the controlled application of force to get compliance. In the Federal trial, two of the four officers were acquitted, and two received lower than standard sentences because only a few of their blows were unlawful. Judge John Davies made it very clear that Mr. King was to a large extent responsible for what happened to him that night. This ruling would later be upheld in 1996 by the Supreme Court, which wasn't a conservative court at the time.

Of course, none of this will make any difference to you, and in your eyes, I'll still be a 'dumbass'.

As the late great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, "You're entitled to your opinion, but not to your own set of facts".


Concerned about possible over-reaction, myself, I read this article thoroughly after seeing the headline before commenting. "...what is accepted as real depends on who is doing the telling."
Thank you, Katie, for offering clarification of what happened. It's sad that it occurred at all. Shit like this video clip and ugly confrontations are why I avoid Twitter altogether.
What is the world coming to?
@47: Yes, muffy, we know what type you are, too. Look in Webster's Dictionary under sanctimonious, and then in your own bathroom mirror.
@49 kristofarian: WTF?
@55 oldwhiteguy: "We do need to get some of those Trump voters back before 2020."
I agree but with our country as deeply divided as it is, despite an encouraging number of people awakening to the insane level of Trumpzillian MAGA corruption spreading like a cancer am wondering if we still can. Only unification can save our democracy now.


Interesting comments... intolerance runs deep on both sides of the fence. Unfortunately, given the state of America, no big surprise.
It does strike me as sad to see that our biggest hope for change: giving people a little breathing room and the benefit of the doubt; an opening of civility to give the possibility of change a chance, as Katie's article and a minority of comments here does, is so quickly shut down by the righteous impulse so prevalent in our country these days.
Do you really think the young and still developing minds at Covington--or you or me or anybody for that matter--will in any way change their position by constantly being told how wrong they are? Or is it more likely that it will deepen and entrench them in their biases? Probably...

Anyhow, thanks for forgoing the easy politics of righteousness Katie, and taking the time for nuance--and giving peace a chance.



[Katie:] "... maybe one or two of the high school kids made offensive hand chop gestures. Spend a few more minutes, review and watch the audience more, it’s way more than two."

Not to excuse teenage behaviour, but if my buddy had some wizened olde drummer dude get in his face with his drumstick, I'd admire my buddy's composure; perhaps I might even (inappropriately) respond with a sweet little passive-aggressive move I learned whilst watching the NFL.

But what the fuck -- I'm just a kid.

Through what little I saw, these 'kids' kept their composure.
Somehow, I just don't see them becoming Verminazi, anytime soon....


@61: "Only unification can save our democracy now."

I couldn't agree more.


Can we all, fucking, just accept that people GET to support Trump and wear pro-Trump gear? The society that says supporting the sitting president - who, as best we can tell, was elected legally by the established rules - is wrong, is not a society I want to be part of. I hope Mueller gathers all the goods on Trump, I hope we get to see his bloated corpse hanging from a scaffold and the crows are allowed to eat his flesh, I hope Trump is forced to feel the shame, in however many days months or years are left in his stupid life, that he inflicted on 100s of millions of Americans over the past 3 years. Congratulations for your successful free advertising, Bebe! Someone's agent/publicist is on their A-game.


I'd suggest these entitled #MAGATrash kids just ditch the caps & go full on with white robes & pointy hats


Google "blackface Kentucky basketball team" and look at what school you get. Screaming at a black basketball player from another team.

Also,"18-Year-Old Star Athlete From Covington Catholic High School Accused Of Rape"

"Jake Walter a former Covington Catholic High School basketball standout who once had a scholarship offer from Xavier University was recently arrested and charged with rape and sodomy. Allegedly he had been accused of rape several times in the past and his high school covered for him."

The above is a current story.

"Two other former students from CCHS stated that they were horribly bullied. One for coming out as gay and the other because he didn’t run with the cool kids clique. There have been others who are speaking out about the bullying culture at the school."

So whatever else was going on at the Lincoln Memorial, Covington Catholic High sure tolerates a lot of bad behavior.


@65 of course anyone can wear the hat and support the president but the rest of us get to judge the shit out of them for it, this is america dammit


@67: OK. But still all tangential to the lessons we learned today.


@60, so what you're saying is, is that it was completely just and warranted for the police to kick and hit rodney king 56 times while he was on the ground, fracturing his skull, breaking his teeth and 11 bones, and giving him brain damage?

and i didn't call you a dumbass, i said you wrote a dumbass comment


@70: Please re-read my comment and don't put words in my mouth. I never said it was OK or not OK, but for the most part, what happened to RK was lawful, according to the Supreme Court. The law says that under certain circumstances if you don't comply with police instructions, they can use force on you.

Whether you choose to accept it or not, the 'full context' of the case did exculpate 2 of the 4 officers charged, and provided enough mitigating circumstances to dole out a sentence that was half the standard guidelines in a Federal Court to the other two. These are once again, simply the facts. I have made a point of not sharing my opinion either way; I simply report the facts. I don't care how you choose to feel about them.

If it will help, this educational video from Chris Rock might clear things up for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8


57, by "passive aggressive" perhaps you mean "grotesquely racist"?


@71 wow cops got off with nearly killing a black dude, they must have been totally innocent!

you know he was also awarded like $4 million after suing for damages, so how does that factor in for you?


I am glad I am an old fucker who grew up before the interwebs existed. There is some crazy harsh language here directed at a 17 year old kid. If my actions at that age were subjected to this close examination and harsh criticism, you folks would have had me off to the Gulag or re-education camp, or more likely, the firing squad.


Wearing a MAGA hat in public is just as hateful as posting a blackface video on Instragram. It basically says “I’m a racist and proud of it.” Whatever abuse these asshole kids get is well deserved. Why excuse them by adding irrelevant details to the story?


@68 Sure - but is that news? Is that something for which someone's priest should resign, for which someone should be expelled from school, or be made a topic of national conversation? Like, an acceptable about of liberty is something more than "I'm unable to go out in public without being made a subject of national conversation". We can't pretend the consequences of this will be zero, and their grossly out of scale with the offense. It's not acceptable to support this type of stuff because the targets are your enemies. One day, it'll be me, and at least I'll be happy that I didn't preemptively pay my mistreatment forward.


72: And how would you describe the behavior of the laughably named Black Hebrew Israelites assholes, who started the whole thing? Try racist, homophobic, insulting, ugly, inflammatory and dim-witted. But somehow these misinformed and naive catholic kids from Kentucky were the real villains in this whole sorry mess. Like a number of other previous commenters have said, with that kind of obtuse bias, we're truly are doomed.


Funny how some people are quick to judge a bunch of kids because of a stupid hat, yet say nothing about the black racists who started the whole mess.

Some types of racism are ok I guess.


Try spinning this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6616793/Kentucky-Catholic-high-school-Lincoln-Memorial-clash-allowed-blackface-pep-rallies.html


@79 or this video: https://twitter.com/roflinds/status/1087486166939680768

"The Covington Catholic boys harrassed my friends and I before the incident with Nathan Phillips even happened. I'm tired of reading things saying they were provoked by anyone else other than their own egos and ignorance 🤦🏼‍♀️

This video is short because we walked by and were surprised to be yelled at. I took my phone out to send it to my friends back home for a laugh. I simply could not ignore the media saying they were provoked so I posted it 🤷🏼‍♀️

Also for those asking the full details, the interaction wasnt very complicated. We walked by, they started yelling, we asked them how old they were, they replied "old enough", kept yelling, and we rolled our eyes and kept walking. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Last thing, for people wondering what they yelled, all we specifically heard was "MAGA", "Build the Wall", and some people say they hear "slut" at the end of the video 🤷🏼‍♀️ ok it's past my bedtime goodnight twitter"


@76 if the guy resigns or the school decides to expel the kids that’s their call, as it should be (though unlikely to happen in this instance given the school’s history). It has always been possible for people to lose a job/get expelled/etc for their public behavior, though the chances and the stakes are definitely a lot higher now with social media and cameras everywhere. I don’t see that genie going back into the bottle anytime soon.

I’m more concerned about the death threats and such. Even assholes shouldn’t have to fear for their safety.


@72 -- You talkin' to ME, Zenka?

Yeah, that tommahawk chop IS pretty offensive...
My point is, that shit starts at TheTop and rolls downhill.
Like shit do. (Thanks, Trumpfy)(and thanks, Republicans) [for hairr Furor].

My question to you, Zenka, is: do the Washington (D.C.) REDSKINS* wear red?

*actual NFL "professional" team Name



Well, fuck me.

Well said.


@61 -- Did I Surprise ya there, Auntie Gee?

They won my little heart with:
“ 'The Bible condemns homosexuality,' the street preacher yells,
and one of the boys calls out, 'They’re still human!' "

NOT your typical Verminazi types there....
If they're being "carefully taught" (to be assholes), someone's failing.

In this particular instance.


And Nathan Phillips has already changed his story three times....funny how that be.


Also @61 -- "Concerned about possible over-reaction, myself... "

What? You?!
The Griz NEVER over-reacts.
Not as long as she hasn't Completely digested them.


Also, also...



At first I saw the headline and thought "This is The Stranger!?" Then I realized Katie wrote it. Thank you for once again writing what's right!


@84 & @86 kristofarian: Thank you for catching that one part of the story. That was still one part I had missed (I was too outraged by the repulsive image of MAGA hat wearing white boys taunting a Native American to watch the video). I shared Katie's concern about getting too carried away emotionally by the initial image before getting all the facts about the story. Thus my response @61.
What---you?!? kristofarian, actually agreeing with...........muffy?!
I'm still reeling from shock.


I lost track who are the adults and who are the children in this?


Katie I agree with almost every thing you write and say but on this occasion I feel you have missed the mark. I'd like to draw your attention to this post from Brian Broome. I feel this sums up everything about this incident that you and I as white people can't begin to fathom.

"I feel the need to let those who don't know know what the look that boy is giving to the Native American man in that video taken earlier today from Washington DC means.

It is a look that all Black Americans have received. We all know it well and too many people are diminishing it as schoolboy shenanigans or misbehavior for my liking.

It's a look that says "You don't even register as a human being to me." It says "I could kill you right here and right now and no one would ever punish me for it." It's a look that not only compels you to disappear, but to suffer while you're doing it. It's pure white-hot contempt without a soul behind it. It is the look of an insane person driven there by what they've been taught. It's the look of a complete and utter sociopath and it makes the blood run cold to receive it.

It cannot be reasoned with or abated.

And to stand in the face of it and chant is an act of Herculean scope. So, take your damn hat off to Nathan Phillips the Vietnam war veteran who fought for these white boys right to come to DC and stand up in protest against the abortion of white babies. Take your hat off to the African Americans who held it together long enough not to fucking bludgeon them.

White people don't get it. That is the last look some black people ever see.

I have seen my life flash before my eyes when given this look. I have held back every muscle in my body from lashing out when I receive this look.

This is what racism creates and POC are the ones who suffer for it. It's not a joke. These high schoolers ceased being children a long time ago.

This didn't begin with Trump and it won't end with him either. But, what he's done is to make it OK for them to be proud of their contempt. To build a wall in its honor. To make America white again.

And I, for one, am terrified "


The Black guys were obviously in the wrong too.
The whole thing is a reflection of the Catholic Church, these boys may be the scapegoats.
Then nobody forced them to go on that bus, wearing those hats. They are past the age or reason. They could have said no.


First off to moron claiming anti free speech laws Obama already did that in legalizing government propoganda, and using the espionage act to quiet dissent by spying on journalists and confiscate there resesech.
Secondly if your a bigot for voting the oompa loompa, then you are a genocidal homophobic anti semite for participating in the womans march or voting Keith Ellison because all have times to the man who believes eradication of my community would make the world a better place.
The whole video shows those boys being degraded and taunted by a hate group and then intimidated by a native American.
Using bigotry and hate to justify that makes you the bad ones, sorry but it does.
Didn't vote for the oompa loompa but you using hate to try and push your own agenda is just as bad.
My community has been attacked by the Black Hebrews, and the Nation of Islam so don't tell me I dont know hate, being gay is just as hard in this country but none of you people seem to care when we are invoked in homophobic taunts and calls for death so excuse me if I have no sympathy for the lying native American and black Hebrews who tried to incite s conflict which this isn't the first time Phillip's has claimed racism against him seems to be his go to game when he needs more a attention.


Ironically, the school kids are the most mature group involved in this triangle of stupidity, not that it is a very high bar.


I'm inclined to yawn at the hat, or at most raise an eyebrow. It seems the line best calculated to peel off those who aren't genuine enthusiasts but are just going along with a trend because that's what the popular crowd at school does or because it "triggers" people they think deserve it. As for their participation in a pro-life march, I wouldn't want to assume from that alone that all those there are (and will remain) serious pro-lifers. Some are, some might have gone because it was a trip to Washington, or their parents pressured them, or quite possibly because the school or an influential teacher leaned on them. It is a black mark, but how many people have already forgiven the considerably worse anti-gay activism of Ms Gabbard and put all the blame on her father (although she supported conversion therapy as an adult) just because she has shown the ability (to her credit) to put following the party line ahead of whatever anti-gay-equality sentiments she still retains personally (a point apparently open to interpretation)? If Mr Savage hasn't, I expect he will if she doesn't exit quickly from the candidate field. Not that such forgiveness is necessarily wrong, but her own actions have raised the bar considerably higher for her to get over, and her having demonstrated the ability to be a good legislator is not a complete reason to find her acceptable for an executive position.

Ms Herzog's approach seems commendable. It's an attempt to assess a situation from available evidence, rather than from one's own knowledge.


Clickbait sheesh. But yes they are shit-eating monsters.


These kids did nothing wrong and the videos prove it. Also, all of you calling them or Covington religious bigots go too far. It is a Christian doctrine over 2000 years old that homosexuality is a sin. Romans 1:26-28. Christians believe these are God's standards and stand by them rather than the finite understanding and self control of mankind as has been shown in what happened to these kids.

Having said that, Christianity does NOT call for the hatred of homosexuals or for any harm to be done to them. Christianity is falsely charged out of ignorance or hate against Christians. One of the saddest and most terrifying things about the left today is that anyone that holds traditional, real, Christian beliefs are being demonized and there seems to be a push to harm Christians for truly and peacefully held beliefs.

Remember this, Hitler did the same kinds of demonizing of Jews that eventually reached enough high enough levels hate that action was taken and the genocide commenced. Don't end up guilty of the same kind of incitement or outcome. Also, don't say that it can't happen here because knowing human nature, history, and what happened to these kids, yes, yes it could.


So Katie's first instinct was to jump to conclusions. Interesting.


The only mature thing the kids did was hire a pr firm. Hopefully the adults who were supposed to be tending to them are footing the bill.


@81 I guess I feel like, people should have the right to support their political candidate - especially if that's someone presently in power and elected under the laws - these kids and Sandmann in particular didn't do ANYTHING notable whatsoever - except wear a MAGA hat. I still feel, if we're not in a society where you can't do that, NONE OF US ARE SAFE. Red hat, yellow star, I don't think they're that far apart and it feels like as a society we're actively embracing a caste society in which different people have different rights based on how they were born. That scares the fuck out of me.


@100 - Sounds like you scare easily. Try Xanax. It works great.


I was relieved to hear that these MAGA boys were just prostrate with grief over the use of homophobic slurs by that hate group. I'll bet when they got on the bus they said, "Homophobic slurs? That's so gay."


"So Katie's first instinct was to jump to conclusions."

Not speaking for all, but Humans may be hard-wired to jump first, ask questions later.

The fact that she Did ask those questions, and respond to New Facts -- which she sought out -- speaks well of Katie. Inspiring, I'd call it.

[Hey, Stranger -- I'd swap ya some Caps for italicizing, if'n you're Interested]


@101 lol bitch weren't you crying about how you couldn't go outside at night cause it's twoo scwawwyy? Go hide in your safe space instead of complaining at me again


Well-extrapolated, Alcohol Gaze! An Olympian-quality Leap!

"That's so gay." When a phrase become solidly entrenched in the Vernacular,
its meaning can become fairly fluid.

Thee Most Classic (and extreme) example: When Stephan Merchant's character's comment when he
overhears a guy tell his (female) sweetie how much he Loves her, "That is SO gay."


Thank you for an honest and thorough analysis Katie.