Slog PM: A Big Day for Media Layoffs, Upstream Takes a Break, Measles!



Maybe travelers should start asking airlines what they are doing to ensure passenger safety during the President's government shutdown.


Maybe the illegitimate Prez could hold his State of the Union at Trumpf University.


Thank you Speaker Pelosi!
The President needs to respect her & her office and negotiate directly.
Stop with the comedy and the cartoon mis-characterization of her and her positions.
If he is unable to deal with her directly then he needs to appoint a mediator asap and open negotiations.


Probably not a coincidence that Vancouver WA is hotbed of Patriot Prayer fucks and anti-vaxers. The same kind of idiots that think a reality TV conman makes for a qualified president would take medical advice about their kids from a porn star. Insurance companies and hospitals should be required to deny service to these morons - let natural selection run its course!


Paul Allen's company, Vulcan Aerospace also pulled funding for the Stratolaunch company in Mojave, CA, so no more ultra-giant rocket launching aircraft.

Bad Investment, or are they pulling back everywhere?


@5: According to the article, trying to fashion a stereotype to fit the anti-vaxer isn't realistic. Nevertheless, let us know if any of them cross the river and start to permeate Portland.


Don’t cherish your newspapers. Fucking subscribe. Buy them.


@5 There's plenty of anti-science, anti-vaccination crap coming from the left as well. Anti-science woo comes from both the right and the left.


Can’t wait to gaze into the water from the dock at Green Lake, and see how many Amazon Scouts I can make out among all the Lime Bikes.


I'm semi bummed annoy the journalism layoffs, but I can't help but think the industry did this to themselves. At some point the journalist became bigger than the stories they reported on - and this became less useful to their readers.


Which print journalists became bigger than their stories?


@6, You will see all kind of Vulcan-funded things fold in the near future. Paul is dead and his sister Jody has all his money. She's a total snake and can't be trusted to continue his endeavors.


If you're trying to learn another language, you're doing it wrong.


@16 Print journalists? I didn't know Buzzfeed had a print wing. But, essentially, every opinion/culture writer essentially started operating personality-based 'channels'. You don't just read Krugman, you subscribe to his newsletter, you look for him as a TV panelist, you buy his ceramic mug, etc.