America! Donald Trump 1.0 Is Over!



Let's hope the fucking RepubliKKKan neofascist Party of 1% is over, as well. Death to the GOP.


Good Lord, these Getty Image folks stage a shot for every possible event.


Correct about the WAR drumbeat. The GOP knows 2 things about war: it is good for crooked business, and it stokes a malleable fear.


We learned that strong women, like Nancy Pelosi, are Trump's kryptonite. Goes a long way to explain why they went after Hilary so viciously, in hindsight.

The democrats should probably think about running their two strongest female candidates, Trump could never handle that and Pence would be no help. It would be really, really cool to see them take him down, too. Even if your last name is Trump, you can't hide from karma.


@4 RickFromTexas for the WIN! I KNEW I liked you! Go, Rick, go!!


I am so over Getty images being used for almost every post. I would rather see nothing than
staged ignorant photography. Get creative.


Good post, Charles!


Don't underestimate the Russian trolls and Fox news, as they go into overdrive with alternative reality explanations for everything.
The GOP will pander to Trump's base, until the poll numbers crumble into the sea. 71% approval among the GOP is still pretty high.


Unfortunately the image is relevant. Trump’s presidency is an attempt, possibly the last ditch effort, of a fading majority to retain its power. There’s a reason we here so much from him about Hispanic criminals and immigrants from shithole countries, while embracing few others like Norway.
Going after women is part of the agenda. The first step is cracking on trans and homosexuals, once it is achieved women will be once again placed where they belong. Look what happens when women have full rights, all kind of other groups pop up and demand the same.

Trump is indeed a white middle aged dude pointing a gun at a lefty homo, a fearful woman of color with Michelle Obama’s eyes, and a millennial who should just shut up.


Poor mentally unstable bigoted auntie dbag Griz, TRUMP will be your daddy in 2020 also. All the poor America hatin racist bigoted left will have to just get over it. Real America wants no part of you Communist nutjobs.



Oh Rickthedickfromtexas Hahahhahahahahahha Nazi Pelosi hates you and all Americans. She loves herself only. Ugh whats to love, skanky ol dbag. Wake up Rick and grow a set.