Why Is the US Itching to Kick Some Socialist Butt in Venezuela?



Because socialists are evil parasites who destroy everything they touch. Look at Seattle.


"But what went wrong with socialism in Venezuela? The answer can be found in the simple fact that it was dependent to one resource, oil, whose market value is determined not by the state but by global market forces."

A lot of money in that oil, even during dips in market prices. It made the Party Elites very very rich. María Gabriela Chávez , Hugo's daughter, has been estimated to be worth 4.2 Billion. Today in the news: (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan lawmaker Jose Guerra dropped a bombshell on Twitter Tuesday: The Russian Boeing 777 that had landed in Caracas the day before was there to spirit away 20 tons of gold from the vaults of the country’s central bank.

I guess no matter how much money you pour in Socialism, even if it's basically free like a natural resource like oil, there's never enough.


@1 Seattle's problems mostly revolve around mitigating its own massive success.


"Not real socialism"

Yet another socialist article explaining why socialist failures aren't socialist failures. Can these people please just kindly fuck off out of the city and the country before a civil war erupts?


Oh God, Please not another war!
For the U S, wars are like credit cards - just can't get enough! Zero interest - Great! Sign me up!


@5, The unaffordable housing was caused by the flood of people moving here. What are you going to do to stop them? And by what Right?
We have also been flooded with homeless from all over the Country, some estimates more than half of them. There are shelters/housing open but what are you going to do when 90% of them refuse?


Addendum @8, GS you might rent a billboard by the I-90 tunnel that says- Please Leave Seattle Forever, and please leave the lights on.


@5 That's correct. The symptoms that lead to homelessness exist in any economy, but the gold rush that's elevated Seattle into the metropolis it has become in the last 20 years simultaneously attracted people that weren't ready for the economic reality of living in the area, overwhelmed the most vulnerable residents, and diminished the cheapest forms of housing.

Funny you chose that example because this is an area where socialist programs could be an effective part of a solution. I don't know what side of the political spectrum you fall on but given your two examples of why Seattle isn't successful, you seem to be arguing for more Socialism.


Socialism only exists where capitalism has created wealth to be exploited,
socialism never creates prosperity,
it only consumes and depletes and destroys.


@11, So tell me, where do you draw a line in the sand? And by what Right?



We're not a Democracy. :rolleyes:


@14, Exactly what Human Right are you referring to? Tax the Rich? Who? How much? Where will go? Who will benefit? And exactly how? Can you guarantee it?
Typical knucklehead, take people's money first, then find a reason why to justify it, then decide where it will go.


Socialism will never succeed until Socialism is ready to admit to its own mistakes, and take responsibility for them.

Notice this is something you never see capitalism doing-- when a Capitalist state fails (and they fail all the time) you never hear anyone saying "well, it wasn't capitalist enough" or "really, it was socialism's fault" or "but it wasn't real capitalism."

No, capitalism just looks around at the rubble and says "oops, I guess I did it again," and then picks up the pieces and maybe puts a slapdash fix or two in place and carries on.

There's no moaning about how unfair it all is, and how can we expect to get anywhere when there isn't any capitalist support from the air and the fields and the birds and the rest of Capitalism's environment.

But every time Socialism smashes a cookie jar, Socialism points at its little brother Capitalism and shrieks, "he did it!"



1,000 words.


"The vertical model is no longer realistic or desirable. But what can replace it? Horizontal development, a model that does not climb but enhances, improves what’s already available."

That's nice. But it there are substantial oil reserves under the ground of countries employing either model, the United States will still wreck the place to grab it, as it has done repeatedly since the 1953 coup in Iran.


Fled shitty socialist country.

Wants to turn Seattle and United States into a shitty socialist city and country.

What did he mean by this?


One good thing about socialists is that if you just leave them alone, they eventually all starve or kill each other.


As per Al Jazeera, the EU Parliament has declared for Guiado 429-104.

Russia, China, India, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, that place in Asia, that place in Central America, that place in South America.

Some fine company.

I think I’m more surprised by the stance of SA than the rather conspicuous silence of the fifth eye, because man that’s a lot of envy.


@22 you win Slog today



...or develop a taste for pickled fish and cross-country skiing, but some fates are too horrible to contemplate, amirite?


Here we are in the midst of the 6th great extinction surrounded by deoxygenated oceans filled with plastic dead zones, drinking water from fracked aquifers, choking on wildfire smoke, drowning in annual 100-year floods, blown by off-the-chart hurricanes and freezing from polar vortexes while we suffer stagnant wages, astronomical health care costs and massive student loan debt, rampant homelessness, fascist dictators popping up in every country, fighting resource wars without end…

Yay, capitalism is ‘winning’.

So many trolls missing the punch line, but why am I not surprised?