Over The Past Two Weeks, An Estimated 2,100 Journalists and Other Staffers Have Lost Their Job, and it’s Beautiful!


I don't even understand what these propaganda writers are mad about. The money from the allocated propaganda funds ran out. They're now being replaced by automation or cheaper brown labor because they shit they produce requires a room temperature IQ. This is what progressives have wanted all along. For white and middle class labor to be replaced by cheaper browner options that enable the wealthy to make more money. Now they're mad about it? Sucks when it happens to you but you cheer it on when it happens to others?

Can't wait to be flicking the back of your ears in the bread line if we ever get what you all working so hard to achieve.


If there were any actual 'journalists' left to fire this might be alarming.
As it is, not so much...


I see the trolls are out in force, today. I guess they're snowed in over in Bellevue and decided to e-jab at Katie instead of going outside and kicking the nearest hobo in the face, like they usually do.


The world doesn't need newspapers. The world needs journalism.

That newspapers have been the primary vehicle for distributing journalism is a feature of past technology. Unfortunately, we haven't yet figured out how to make modern technology pay for quality journalism.


Trolls? This is reality.

Katie is a varying shades of average as a writer depending on the effort level she feels like putting in. But she's trying through her Seattle cognitive dissonance. She's definitely a tier about the typical BuzzFeed/Digital "Journalist" because she's conscious enough to try. But different types of money pay for these entities which means there will be different qualities to both. However the typical sleaze and scum that populates this industry deserves everything bad in life that's coming to them.


Editorial nitpick, Katie: you've confused "stakeholder" with "shareholder." All involved parties: employees, customers and investors each hold a stake in a business' successful ability to deliver the best product at the lowest price for as long as possible. Shareholders invest just for the cash; often short-sightedly due to their insistence on outsourcing, price increases, cutting wages/benefits/quality,/safety, etc; killing the goose when the last golden egg fails to meet its target projection.

The ultimate business model would combine investors who receive only money borrowed against newer investors' hopes, customers who pay for nothing tangible besides the chance that you'll buy a second pair of shoes that same week, and unpaid employees who create content just to boost their egos. (Oh... I just described Facebook.)


No one cries when 20,000 steelworkers have their jobs shipped overseas, but god forbid the guy who writes "Top Fifteen Things That Fit In My Butt" lists has to update his resume dip into his trust fund for a year.

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