Did you know that 12 percent of Americans havent heard of Mike Pence?
Did you know that 12 percent of Americans haven't heard of Mike Pence? Christopher Frizzelle

Seattle isn't equipped for snow: There are only about 35 snow plows at the city's disposal and only 75 employees to operate them, according to a report by KING5. So that's why your narrow neighborhood street isn't getting plowed. Quit bitching, Barb. Let me bitch for a second. The city doesn't do anything about the sidewalks. It's up to residents and business owners to shovel and salt their sidewalks. How many people are doing that? Good question. The answer? Another question: How many times did you almost die sliding down the hill on your way to the bus stop this morning? For me, it was at least 10 times. A biker nodded to me solemnly in solidarity as he watched me nearly fall on my ass. The good news is that the snow is over.

The second half of that good news is that the snow is coming back on Friday: I, for one, am happy about the snow. Although, I will admit it's getting to be a tiny bit of a nuisance as it melts and makes any walk a lot soggier. That melted ice and snow will likely refreeze tonight as temperatures dip back down. We get a little reprieve from new snow until Friday. It's being described as a "potentially significant" snowfall. It's coming from Canada!

A graph I can understand:

A graph I can't really understand: But those colors sure look compelling.

A shrinking Seattle Police Department: Last week, we all heard about Mayor Jenny Durkan's plan to fix that problem. She would add a $15,000 signing bonus for experienced officers. If that seems desperate, you're right. In 2018, according to Crosscut's David Kroman, 92 officers left SPD. There's a bunch of shit at play here—police recruiting is down across the country and Seattle is not a super attractive spot in comparison to other jobs, additionally, a lot of SPD officers are reaching retirement age, and more! In the meantime, while the city grapples with this issue, remaining SPD officers are having to pick up the slack left by reduced manpower.

Amazon drama in New York: New York courted Amazon so hard last year. New York wooed Amazon, it flirted, it spoiled. And, finally, it won. One of Amazon's new HQ2s (remember, there wasn't just one HQ2 in the end???) would be placed in Long Island City. But, that may come crumbling down since the deal is remarkably shitty. One of the key opposers of the Amazon deal was elected to an oversight board. This guy—Sen. Michael Gianaris—could level this thing with one vote.

Oh no: Traffic woes!

Wait, this isn't just a snow-induced accident: Someone was speeding on I-5, caused a semi-truck to crash, and now, there's a stand-off on the freeway blocking all lanes. The man is in his car, allegedly armed with a knife, and he's refusing to surrender to police.

The Pope acknowledges the Catholic Church's 'problem' with sexual abuse: The abuse in question concerned priests and bishops' abuse of nuns. This is a prolific problem in the Catholic Church and has occurred across the globe. Nuns have allegedly given birth to children of priests and bishops or even had abortions. Pope Francis acknowledged that this happens. "It's true," he said and said that the Church was working to stop it.

No host for the Oscars: Are you sad that there won't be a comedian to guide you through the three-hour affair of Hollywood's biggest hits of the year? Yeah, me either. The Oscars didn't have a host in 1989 and that worked out just fine. The real issue is that the Academy is a sham and all the top picks for this year are subpar. Really? We couldn't nominate one female director? If Bohemian Rhapsody (a film I still haven't seen) wins Best Picture then I don't know what's going to happen. Chase will riot, I know that.

The Netflix algorithm owns us: Netflix is creating its content around our preferences. We keep clicking, we keep watching, and the content keeps getting worse. Will it soon become completely automated? Is it destined to consume us???

Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic presidential hopeful from Hawaii, got the KKK's 2020 endorsement: David Duke, the former KKK leader, threw his political weight behind Gabbard's campaign. Gabbard has denounced Duke and rejected his endorsement. Not a great start to blazing the campaign trail.

Oh god: The State of the Union is tonight. Some useful information before we get things started. We'll have a full overview tomorrow on Blabbermouth. Who do you think the designated survivor is tonight? I hope it's not Stephen Miller.