Up to 30 Inches of Snow Expected, According to Man I Talked to on Twitter



30 inches? That would be hilarious.


Do your grocery shopping tomorrow.


How was this travesty of an article published? Gratuitous ad hominem attacks against Cliff--who's the real asshole here?

I'm a lawyer and associate of Cliff's and will be advocating legal action against The Stranger for routine defamation and libel. Nathalie is a disgrace to journalism. Shame on The Stranger for publishing this hateful person.



If you're a lawyer, then Charles Mudede is third in-line to become King of Great Britain...


@3 If by tomorrow, you mean tonight. It's going to look like Thanksgiving Eve out there tomorrow.



God damn but I miss John Saul Montoya, Street Lawyer.

Thanks for the reminder, at least.


“who's the real asshole here?” is the age old question, the one that the bible constantly fails to answer.


I appreciate that you reached out to an amateur weather enthusiast. It’s sure to send local media personality Cliff Mass into a apoplectic rage.

But Cliff shouldn’t be so bothered by it. Cliff Mass often decides to become an amateur political analyst & amateur media critic, and he is embarrassingly, laughably bad at both. Even though his specialty is weather, he believes this gives him the authority to instruct politicians and members of the media on how to do their jobs.

Remember that Cliff Mass literally thinks the single greatest threat to climate change policy-making is that the media exaggerates things. He honestly, truly believes it’s the most pressing issue facing climate science in the world (not, oddly, that an entire political party refuses to believe in the very concept of climate change as a matter of policy). He literally believes media exaggerations of weather events are the single greatest threat to progress on climate change.

Why an aging, increasingly senile Cliff Mass would choose to squander the goodwill he’s developed over the years in Seattle is a question for the ages, but clearly he seems hell-bent on permanently destroying his reputation and leaving behind a disappointing legacy of lecturing people about subjects well beyond his area of expertise.

I hope, when I reach that stage in my life, I won’t be regarded as such a sad, small man. It’s a real shame.


@5. I hope Mudede is a righteous and just king.


Okay, but what does your source think about the MMR vaccine?


Hmmmm... bummer of a weekend to have planned a 3-day camping trip.


If you read the legend on that model run, that 30" snowfall is a 10-day cumulative total. Still a lot of snow, particularly for Seattle, but 30 inches in a single storm it is not. And it's just one snowy outlier of a model run. The outliers seldom come to pass.

There's almost certain to be a significant snowstorm Friday night into Saturday, and likely to be another significant one early next week, but beyond that it's hard to say just how significant it could be. Even 3" is significant around these parts (as we already saw the past weekend).


King Charles.
(it has a nice ring to it)!
Our first Socialist King!
Wouldn't THAT be sumthin'?!

WILL Katie get the Whip for besmirchin' assholes?
Will King Charles wield it?

Stock UP!
and stay tuned.


@14, Then we would get an additional season of "The Crown".


@9 "He literally believes media exaggerations of weather events are the single greatest threat to progress on climate change."

Indeed, and the most egregious aspect of Mass' rhetoric is that surveys have shown for years that media systematically under reported stories about climate change. In fact they still do today as shown by their lack of coverage of the green new deal: https://www.citizen.org/sites/default/files/public-citizen-no-green-deal-cover-climate-report-january-2019.pdf

Widespread Media Silence on One of the Biggest Climate Stories of 2018


@16 -- Cliff Mass could have chosen to use the goodwill he'd built up over the years as a media personality to promote a variety of policies that would have an actual effect on reducing carbon emissions.

He instead chose to scold local media outlets for their reporting choices. He truly believes that the Republican Party would reverse its 100 percent absolute denialist position -- if only Charles Mudede and The Stranger weren't so uncivil.

He's stubborn, and he'll never back down, and that's why his life will ultimately be a tragedy. He'll always be the sad, old, lonely scientist who spent a lifetime building up a persona, only to squander it all on petty, meaningless grudges about the tone of media reports on the most pressing issue to ever face humanity.


Jort, it sounds like Cliff Mass fucked your girlfriend decades ago and you're still nursing a grudge. Get a hold of yourself.


Thank God I don't work for a newspaper, because those fuckers make you come into the office. ;)