King County Public Defender Ami Nguyen Joins the Race for City Council in District 3



She’s been here a little over 2 years and wants to be on the City Council? Can’t answer basic funding questions on her stances?

Uh, no thanks. She may be bright but she’s clearly no ready.


This article should wipe that self-righteous sneer off of Sawant's face.


"She doesn't remember who she voted for in the 2017 mayoral race..."

What the fuck?


"She doesn't remember who she voted for in the 2017 mayoral race"

That seems implausible. She doesn't want to say she voted for Durkan.


"She doesn't remember who she voted for in the 2017 mayoral race"

Huh? This is obviously a lie. I'll remember that.


Well, actually, I don't remember who I voted for in the 2017 mayoral race, either, except that I was Durkan's opponent. Of course, I'm not running for office. . .


I have to agree. Voting for Durkan was a terrible mistake when the options were better. People didn’t read the small print and when there is a big PR campaign many go snow blind. Increased homelessness and more poverty here has to be addressed. The people have to get on it and not rely on grifters and the corrupt. A basic income can eliminate poverty but we don’t hear that from the City of Seattle.


Sawant helped get the $15 an hour established and is not afraid to rock the boat. Good on her.

We need a real shake up with those in power.


We should have Mayor Oliver in that seat, laying down some awesome beats in City Hall, bringing social justice to y'all.

Unfortunately the grown ups are in charge.


Pretty rich for Rich Smith to be criticizing Nguyen for lack of policy detail when he's such a big Bernie Sanders stan.

Bernie wants revolutionary legislative upheaval many times more impactful than anything done before in the last 150 years but doesn't even understand the basic details of what he's proposing and his plan for it is to delegate all implementation to somebody else. See

Neither Nguyen nor Sanders should be in elected office, they don't understand what the hell they're talking about. Although Nguyen would be better than Sawant who's actively malicious, corrupt and destructive.


I don’t care for whom she voted; I care that she clearly lied when asked about it. That’s not getting off to a good start, no matter what her qualifications may be.

If she has evidence that evictions have caused an increase in homelessness, let’s see it. If not, focusing on eviction reform as a way to reduce homelessness may be a painful misdirection of effort, no matter how well-intentioned.

@10: “Voting for Durkan was a terrible mistake when the options were better.”

For whom did you vote? Or do you not remember? :-P


@16: Durkan didn’t actually change her position on the EHT. When it had nine (!) votes in the Council, she bargained to reduce the EHT; when she saw a well-financed campaign to repeal it had collected an astounding number of signatures in a very short time, she quickly used those facts to engineer the repeal of the EHT. She demonstrated very adroit political skills, obtaining the best she could get at any given time.


"She's against the youth jail, which is nearing completion. "Youth should never be confined in cells long-term or short-term," she said."

"Never?" Even when they're being rapey or murdery?


How is it possible a King County public defender doesn't know about the LEAD program? Has she been in the job two weeks or something? Only defending traffic cases? What the actual fuck?


Ms. Nguyen needs to do a bit more homework. Once a (student) police officer is hired by the city and begins the academy, they are on the payroll and are making a pretty good salary. There is no need for scholarships. Seattle Police Officers are trained in how to distinguish between those who should be jailed, and those who should be referred for mental health services. Perhaps she should spend a few days riding around with a patrol officer so she could see what is really happening out there.


@22: Considering how many “working class... people of color” living on Capitol Hill are raking in the $$$ at Amazon, and Amazon is currently The Stranger’s hate-object for Why Seattle Sucks, this could all make for an interesting City Council contest!


LEAD does not serve any underaged individuals, only adults.