Attorney General Fires Back at Rural Sheriffs That Are Vowing Not to Enforce Gun Control Laws



We're surprised Bob doesn't understand the concept of sanctuary counties.


Go, SuperBob, GO!!!! Hit 'em with both barrels and let's call checkmate to the outdated 2nd Amendment once and for ALL. Fuck you, NRA, and all your neonutzi Uzi-worshipping rubes!


@1: Speak for yourself. Is it a little slow down at juvee? I thought you kids LIVED for snow days.


I think their beef is about a stolen gun and the owner being liable for any harm done in a crime. Like breaking into your house opening your gun safe or running aroundaway with a smaller one to open at the robbers leisure. Kinda like someone stealing your car and running over and killing someone and it's your fault because you didn't put a boots on your tires.


Sorry, typo. Damn Fire tablets.


How about we send no state assistance for police work to any county which refuses to enforce state law? No doubt those freedom-loving local taxpayers would be more than happy to pay for any shortfalls, right?


Sideshow Bob, our randomized AG in search of issues that generate limelight.


@10: His job description actually requires him to ensure our state’s laws are enforced. This particular law will require county sheriffs to perform background checks, so the AG must ensure they do this. It was some of the county sheriffs who thus required his attention; he didn’t go looking for anything. If you have a problem with our AG’s actions, take your complaints to these county sheriffs.

He’s diligently attending to the core competencies of the position to which we elected him. You’re the rando looking for attention here.


While I understand that these sheriffs think the law is unconstitutional but the most effective way to protest isn't to refuse to enforce the law. If I felt that way I'd still enforce it but I'd do so under protest. That's how America works, when we disagree with something we speak out against it.

Refusal to enforce a law the public voted for seems, to me anyway, to be cause for dismissal. Their job is enforcing the law, refusing to do that means they're basically refusing to do their job.

This is likely to end up in court anyway, the quicker that happens the quicker the issue gets resolved one way or another.


Boy, did these shurrifs get "triggered", or what?



Section 5 Subsection 3 (last line of page 10 and onto page 11) would like a quick word with you.
(That word is "nope".)


@12, "Their job is enforcing the law, refusing to do that means they're basically refusing to do their job."
You mean like the cops letting someone shoot up in Macy's doorway? Etc, Etc, Etc.


I'd be a lot more impressed with these sheriffs if it sounded like any of them had read or understood the law. They're getting all their information from rightwing media and NRA flacks.

Have any of those whining about sanctuary cities stopped to consider that cities that won't help ICE could very well be on the hook for civil damages to victims of crimes that wouldn't have happened had we cooperated with immigration? Pretty sure the wingnuts are scouring for examples of all the rampaging crime caused by sanctuary cities. Problem is: they ARE sending us their best, gomer. Immigrants are good people and they aren't a liability. Seattle will happily take that bet and win.

Seattle tax payers are going to end up paying $0 in damages for all the crimes (zero of them) we let happen by telling ICE to go fuck themselves. Yakima taxpayers? You're willingly giving semiautomatic assault weapons to people with outstanding warrants, pending charges, felony convictions or certified mental illness. You are doing that. Deliberately. On purpose.

"Sheriff, this felon wants to buy an AR-15. What do we do?" "Fweeeeeedom!!!! Arm that felon, deputy! Arm him!" Immigrants will cost Seattle $0. Armed criminals and lunatics will cost ignorant trumphats this many dollars: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Approximately. You'd be amazed how much damage a criminally insane felon can do with a "modern sporting rifle" wink wink. How much, exactly? You're going to find out.

You are doing this to yourselves, goobers. Nobody is making you. You're walking right into it, eyes open. Don't come crying to us.


@4 German Sausage and @9 & @11 tensor: Tied for the WIN! Brilliant suggestions.
@8 In FactUHaveNo Point: The Electoral College is indeed outdated when the infinitely more qualified candidate for #45 wins the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes over her opponent, and a corrupt, misogynist, xenophobic billionaire, bought and paid for by Vladimir Putin and the Koch brothers STILL gets inaugurated and after two years and one month is STILL illegally occupying the White Trash House. Fuck your idea of a "process"! It's a rigged system, and that has to change to serve 100% of the People of the United States--not just 1%ers, wealthy white plantation owners and their descendants.


@14, But, why not? Same thing.


@13 spunkbutter and @17 German Sausage: I know, right?


@8 InFactUHaveNoPoint: The Electoral College AND 2nd Amendment are both equally outdated and should be discontinued.


@18: Any law that blatantly discriminatory would immediately be challenged in court, and an injunction against enforcement issued until the final decision was made. The final decision would be that it violated (among other things) the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. (See “Romer v. Evans” for Colorado’s anti-gay Amendment 2, 1992-1996.)

Now, have you any other straw men to shoot with your big, manly (glorified version of a pellet) gun?


@18: Shotgun Bigmouth: Take a nap.


This is a nontroversy. The sheriffs don’t have anything to enforce. They have to process more paperwork. This “news” rests on the lurid hallucination of gun nuts everywhere that the government is now going to perform door-to-door checks for trigger locks.

Great theater for all the Joe Arpaio-David Clarke wannabes of Mudflaps, WA. Just another chapter in the narcissistic farce the rest of us have to endure by virtue of sharing a planet with you bozos. And I even own guns! Still can’t stand stupid shit like this.


@20, 6 I am legitimately confused as to what you could be saying at this point.

If we keep using your analogy, the provisions to which we were referring would probably be titled something like, "For fucks sake, could you at least lock your car doors, or maybe take they keys out of the ignition or at least report it if the damn thing gets stolen? K TNX!"


Stealing a car is easy, locked and with an alarm, just pull it up on YouTube. Safes are just as easy, YouTube Mr Locksmith.


@27 kewel. Then it’s super duper easy to access yer gunz to defend agin’ them invade’n throngs of cartel head choppers ya’ll poo yer panties about!

Win. Win. For everyone!


Hey everybody, get this guy (@27) - he thinks anybody can become a car thief or safe-cracker using this ONE WEIRD TRICK!


And by "civil disobedience", you're referring to those thugs known as the Proud Boys starting rumbles against patriotic American, aren't you?


POS Turd Ferguson should put his money where his mouth is and shutdown all WA state marijuana business. He set precedent as he refuses to force prosecutionand gave the middle finger to Fed drug laws. He's a dangerous little weasel that should be removed from office.


Must enforce? I hope Bob's car doesn't have a cracked taillight.



"He set precedent as he refuses to force prosecutionand gave the middle finger to Fed drug laws. He's a dangerous little weasel that should be removed from office."

Speaking of dangerous little verminazi (verminazis?), it kinda makes ya wish little possum boy Jeffery Bowregard Sessions (the Turd!) was still Tumpfy's AG, don't it? Now, THERE"s a man who hated The Weed! And, DAMMIT! America's STILL enjoying it!

[And all the while, Women are Fucking -- for FUN!
The Horror!]

While hurting . . . whom, exactly?


Gun crime in the USA is an at all-time low. Communists in the central banking system love the idea of further manipulating and controlling the masses. They use their purchased media to socially engineer perceptions around people who want to protect themselves from the same corporate central banking tyranny that paid for the red coats on behalf of King George. Know your history, people.