Nels Cline
Nels Cline Nathan West

A dexterous guitarist who excels in many rock and jazz contexts, Nels Cline is most famous for his 15-year stint with avant-Americana group Wilco. His versatility is such that he might be the only musician who’s played with Julius Hemphill and Mike Watt. Now in his 60s, Cline is still thrusting into interesting sonic territory with his newish quartet, as their 2018 album Currents, Constellations (on the still relevant Blue Note label) proves. Here, Cline unspools circuitous motifs of chords that sometimes glisten with intrigue and sometimes rustily fray nerves. Album highlight “Imperfect 10” sounds like Norwegian fusion deity Terje Rypdal getting oblongly funky with Tortoise. Tonight’s show at Columbia City Theater (as of this writing, still happening) is going to be a cerebral joy.

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