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There's something unnerving about Blake Blanco's portraits of Andy Warhol. Though they are based on Polaroids taken of the famed artist, the images transfer to a paint medium makes them look a bit unstable. Or watery. Like we are looking at Warhol through dewy glass. While I've never really understood or been entranced by Warhol as a figure, there's something about Blanco's portraits that are compelling. In his statement about the show, Blanco tells us: "My goal with these paintings is to bring them into a new light, introduce a narrative, and explore the realm between realism, and neorealism." His show Blake Blanco: I Am Andy Warhol will be debuting at Cupcake Royale from 5pm-9pm for the Capitol Hill Art Walk tomorrow on Valentine's Day. Come through and pick up something sweet on your way out.