His victory comes with preventing Sanders or Warren from getting the presidency.


Polls taken two years out certainly could never be wrong.
(Schultz would do better than Hillary did, btw;
will Rich retroactively call for Hillary to drop out of the race?)


Re-electing trump while giving people the option of pretending they didn't want that seems to be the only logical end game here anyway. This whole charade has been one embarrassment after another for him but who knows, maybe he just wants to sell more books. Whatever his motives are, he has to know he's not going to win.


He'll get less votes than Jill Stein. No one likes him. Another Blue Wave is coming and this time, we will expose Putin.


@ 5,

Maybe they were screaming “boo-ultz?”


Another corporate wanna be president who wants to do away with benefits for the working class and poor. Completely out of touch with the common people and his treatment of his workers is bad.
Same old, same old. We need universal health care and a guaranteed basic income to help most people pull out of poverty otherwise we want a revolution.


Howard Schultz has no path to reality.


@8 go fuck yourself


'No path to victory'

I remember hearing that a lot about another candidate two years ago. And he won.


@8, A dissatisfaction with the status quo in a handful of rustbelt states put trump in office and all the average joe has to show for it is a trade war and tax cuts for billionaires. Democrats need bold ideas, not another centrist candidate in the mold of clinton who represents the status quo.

(also, you're calling democratic candidates extreme for running on working-class, populist platforms while also complaining that the democrats are ignoring the needs of the average joe)


@8 -- Exactly. The very Last Thing we need is Healthcare for Everyone; Child- and Elderlycare; Affordable Housing; tuition-/loans-free Education; and a Military with Peace as its only objective. (It wouldda been vastly Cheaper to drop millions of hundred dollar bills on Iraq, rather than launch an Illegal Invasion.)(Where we're STILL fucking bogged down).


Oh, the Horror.


Let's be honest, there's a good chance The Donald won't make it to 2020 for any number of reasons. The Democrats, meanwhile, may nominate someone far out of the mainstream... I'd suggest this whole "Green New Deal" is full of so much craziness that it may already be too late. That said, an independent insurgent is not out of the question.


they needed a study to figure out that an independent can't win the presidency in the united states? here's a news flash: no independent has ever won the u.s. presidency and the last third party candidate to do so was abraham lincoln. lots of luck, howie.


To follow up on some earliest posts... I'm in Marketing. If you have to go in to a branding situation trying to "reframe" something, good luck with that. Socialism is a well established failed experiment. Attempting to put the word "Democratic" behind it and assuring people it's like Sweden is really nice for the well educated, but the less educated have no real concept of what Sweden is like beyond hot white women. And the Green New Deal isn't like Sweden, it's full on State Control of energy and many many other things. It's REAL Socialism.


Shultz is a younger, fresher Trump. What's not to love? (The idea that Shultz is a D or even leans D is just straight up ridiculous).


This man has fed on his own bullshit for decades. He doesn't know anything other than his self-mythology. This will have no effect.

Like many rich, successful people, at his heart, he's either always been or found his way to being a narcissist living in a bubble of unreality constructed of his own wealth, and insulated with sycophants.


Another rich guy trying to skip the line. Wonder if you could be President? Register with a party and slog through the primaries like everyone else.


19 Well said. Thank you. Socialism is a good thing so if you are against it stop using the socialist services like public highways, libraries and the fire department. Just let your house burn down.


FUCK Howard Schultz! I'm more worried about his stupid, self-serving campaign helping getting Trumpty Dumpty and Dencey Pencey re-elected!
@4 Erok: I sure hope so! May the Blue Wave wash clean--finally. RepubliKKKans should be permanently stripped of their voting rights. Here's to the death of the GOP, NRA, 2nd Amendment, and Electoral College.
@13 kristofarian: Okay--I get it now. Your RepubliKKKan rube aimed sarcasm is what makes you so lovable. Bless you.


Gee, I wonder what kind of articles Rich Smith was writing between March and July 2016 when it was overwhelmingly clear that Bernie Sanders had no path to victory and was getting destroyed in major state after major state and only surviving on thin gruel of tiny caucuses.


Schultz won't run. His ego couldn't stand tens of millions of people telling him, day after day, every place he showed his face, what a rotten, no good piece of human sewage he was.


@23 Doofus in Shoreline: Choke on it, MAGA rube. You and your RepubliKKKan ilk are the crazy ones.


Never mind Howard Schultz--WHAT THE FUCK is up with Trumpty Dumpty getting $8 billion funded for its horrific wall??


Yes, but is he selling enough books?

I sort of mean to boycott Starbucks but I went to one during Snowmageddon to work for an afternoon and discovered they'd removed all the Clover equipment and replaced it with nitro taps. I wonder sometimes if there'd be a market for a coffee shop that specialized in actual coffee.


If Schultz really thinks he could/should be President, then he ought to register Republican and spend some of his billions on a serious primary challenge to Trump. My guess is that there are a lot of Repubs who hate Trump but hate the Dems more, so they will vote for the First Walrus unless there's an alternative. And no third-party candidate has represented a realistic alternative for a zillion years. I'd love to see Trump have to spend $500 million or so fighting a primary challenge rather than keeping it for the general election. All of this, of course, is a poor second choice to him having a Big Mac-fueled heart attack ASAP..


No one who's announced their candidacy has a Clear path to victory either.


For HS to be a "Upsetter", people would have to vote for him. Where are those people? Who are those people? Why would they vote for HS over a Dem? The Democratic Party sees HS as a threat to them. They don't seem to be too willing to acknowledge that there are enough disenfranchised voters out there for this to happen. Without that acknowledgement, they won't get that vote unless they come up with a plan to bring that vote back into the fold.


Bernie is NOT getting fucking nominated.


Siphon off votes from Democrats? Nope. He's far more likely to siphon off votes from the remaining non-lunatic Republicans. He might prevent some crossover voting..There's a difference.

So much for a poll done for something as questionable as "Crooked Media".

Yep, this piece is one more example of The Stranger's continued slide into irrelevancy.


"I'd love to see Trump have to spend $500 million or so fighting a primary challenge rather than keeping it for the general election."

That shouldn't be a Problem -- Putin's got that kinda cash lying around in his loose-change drawers.

Oh, and speaking of Bernie, how 'BOUT them Trump Tax Cuts, eh, Trumpfsters?! Didja get any closer to Billionaire status this year? Our Billionaires surely did, and then some -- and they're lafffin' at you, all the way to them Banksters, located somewhere in the Caymans....

Gonna let 'em screw you again?
They're countin' on you, ya know.
Don't let 'em down.

Otherwise, them damn Dems are gonna force Healthcare down your sore throats. Plus debt-free college, or tech school, for your kids. And who needs that shit?

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