Rep. Pramila Jayapal speaking at recent rally for Democracy at Cal Anderson.
Rep. Pramila Jayapal speaking at recent rally for Democracy at Cal Anderson. Lester Black

Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Adam Smith will help kick off the Seattle Protect Democracy Rally this evening at Volunteer Park. The event is scheduled to run from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Local progressive groups have organized with to make it happen, which is the same coalition of people who brought you the surprisingly well-attended protest in response to former AG Jeff Sessions's resignation and the appointment of "big egg cop" Matthew Whitaker. Similar demonstrations have already happened or are happening right now in nearly 250 other cities across the country.

The protests stem from the president's decision to declare a national emergency on border security. Despite the fact that border apprehensions have dropped dramatically since their recent peak in 2000, and despite the fact that he admitted he didn't need to declare the emergency, Trump has signed an executive order allowing him to steal money from the military and use it to fund the construction of part of his racist wall. Many elected officials—including some Republicans—aren't having it.

Watch the protest live:

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“It is clear that there is no national emergency—only a manufactured crisis—and there has been no attempt to explain how the wall has anything to do with supporting U.S. military needs, as the law intends,” said Congressman Adam Smith in a statement. “The American people are utterly opposed to this gimmick, and President Trump should be ashamed of himself.”

Earlier in the day, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson spoke at a Protect Democracy Rally in Olympia. During his speech, he told the crowd his team is prepared to file a lawsuit against the president for trying to appropriate funds that Congress has already appropriated. "If any of the funds he raises impacts the state of Washington, if he impacts the people of the state of Washington, if he impacts the projects in the state of Washington, then we have four words for him: 'See you in court,'" he said. Update: Looks like Ferg wasn't kidding. On Monday evening his office, along with the offices of 15 other Attorneys General, filed a lawsuit against Trump for using spending powers solely reserved for Congress. Wup, no he didn't. NYT just posted a correction to their original story, saying that Washington was not one of the states that filed.