True Detective, Season 3: What Is Worse? Saying the N-Word to a Black Man, or Admitting You Are Thinking That Word?



Good Afternoon Charles,
Sidney Poitier is 92 y/o today. Good on him.


It's a very old fashioned word that won't die. It's also an insult that makes no sense to me. Like calling someone a bag of Summer's Eve/Massengill, it's total nonsense. But when too many people insist that it's either cool to call anyone or even each other that, it's like that earworm that you can't get out of your head. I THINK it because people will never stop saying it.


What I want to know is, when Wayne and Roland are sitting on his porch in the present. Roland is still mad about something. And is mad that Wayne still won't apologize for it. Even after all these years. Then Wayne breaks down crying saying that he just doesn't remember what happened. But, that he is sorry. It was powerful scene for me. And for the two characters too.