Cannot promise this beef was never frozen.
Cannot promise this beef was never frozen. jotily/Getty Images

Former Sen. Joe Fain had some heavy-hitting support in getting new gig: Fain served for two terms as a Washington state senator. He lost his election bid this November amidst rape allegations against him. He was recently hired as the CEO of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. Two of the people who were contacted as references on his behalf? Former Washington state governor Christine Gregoire and Ana Mari Cauce, the current president of the University of Washington.

New climate super PAC vows to support Gov. Inslee's inevitable presidential run: Act Now on Climate was formed on Thursday. Its leader, Corey Platt, a former political director for the Democratic Governors Association that was chaired by Inslee last year, said that climate change is the most pressing issue for the next president. Act Now on Climate can raise and spend as much money as it wants. Inslee is the super PAC's first choice.

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King County Metro rethinks fare enforcement policy after the old one didn't really work: Some changes are being made to the ol' not-paying-for-the-bus penalty over at King County Metro. The old system cost Metro a whopping $1.7 million a year. Less than $12,000 was paid back in fines. The new fine price has been lowered from $124 to $50. If you don't pay it you don't have to go to court and you won't be sent to collections, you'll be banned from Metro service for 30 days.

There's big money in dead cow removal: Dairy farms in the Yakima Valley are getting $100,000 of state money to remove 1,830 dairy cows who died during a blizzard at 14 different dairy farms on Feb. 9. Their bodies are going to be hauled to an Oregon landfill. Sad.

We're going to have full days again in two weeks! Do you remember the sun? Me too. Like an old friend, a lost lover. It's been distant lately, not showing up when it's supposed to and leaving early when it does. Well, it's about to get its behavior in check. In about two weeks, the sun won't set until 7 p.m.! That's nuts! We're getting out of you, winter. One way or another.

The due date for your Spliff submissions is coming up! Send in your short films by March 1st!

Howard Schultz, presidential candidate, didn't vote in Seattle's most recent election: Who is this guy's campaign manager? This seems like a "step one" kind of thing when running for president, Howard. You know, being involved in Democracy? I'm so tired of him.

I love a timelapse: Here's how SDOT built the new SR-99 off-ramp. These are so soothing to watch. I like the part when it snows.

King County! Get ready for your next levy! You're voting again in August, King County voters! This new levy that is asking for voter approval "would generate $738 million in revenue over six years to fund the upkeep, renovation and expansion of many of the county’s parks, trails and recreational facilities," according to the Seattle Times.

Snow? In Los Angeles? This has got to be a canary in the coal mine or something, right? The last time it snowed in Los Angeles (and I don't mean when wildfire ash looked like snow) was in 1962. It's part of a chilly system that originated in Alberta, Canada.

Arizona officer threatened to arrest a 12-year-old reporter: Hilde Lysiak is twelve and a badass. She's also in Arizona reporting on an assignment near the U.S.-Mexico border. During her reporting, an officer approached her and told her he could have her thrown in jail. He also lied and told her it was illegal to film him. Watch her confrontation with the officer:

That asshole fashion designer is leaving a portion of his fortune to…: His cat. Karl Lagerfeld, the notorious designer with specific (ahem, fat-phobic) taste, bequeathed a chunk of his estimated $300 million fortune to his cat Choupette.

The FBI's impact on the 2016 election? According to the former Deputy Director it was undeniable:

Dubious DNA usage in China: This is why shit like 23andme should give you pause. In China, under the guise of free medical check-ups, the government is collecting DNA samples of its Muslim minority groups. Why? To keep track of the people who resist conforming. They used Massachusetts company Thermo Fisher to help implement this vision.