Slog PM: Seattle Weekly Basically Dead, Humpback Carcass Found in Amazon Rainforest, How to Catch a Smeargle



"I will never forget when one of you, dear readers, told me to never write about sports."

And yet you persevered, irregardless?

You're not even gay!


Fairly certain is was way more than one person Nathalie.


Global Warming has resulted in record Snow fall in Seattle for February. Temps below average by 10degrees F. This is the face of Global warming. Wait wut? you're telling me it's weather and not global warming? Then why when Seattle has ONE day of record breaking heat you SCREAM Global warming? Is that also not Weather?


Well, Sargeant Big horn, it's about whether or not the Supidity of comments like that will doom us in ten years, or twenty. "My feet are cold. HOW could there be Catastrophic Climate Change?!" Or "I just had a sammich. What do you mean, 3 Billion people go to bed hangry?!"

But, always remember: the Kochs Bros, LLC,* Love you.

*Limited Liability (for any & all Catastrophes)


oops -- here's the second 't' I forgot for sTupidity.
so sorry


@3: Just ignore the hysteria, hyperbole, punditry, lecturing, and politics and just go by the scientific sources without commentary, and the whole global warming thing is easier, and more accurate, to understand.


@5 - No need to issue comments for obvious typos - as most would automatically understand the error and not even really notice it.


In this era of extreme climate change, be very careful about wishing for snow days, snowboarders and public school-aged kids (unless you still want to be in classrooms in July). Does anyone remember Winter 1996? Mount Baker got a record of snowpack equivalent to 9 single-story homes stacked atop one another.


@4 & @5 kristofarian: You just plain rock. Keep it up.


Is it any wonder that with such a narrow focus, marine biologists don't have the training and skills necessary to find humpback whales hiding in the Amazon rainforest?


I'm glad Ferguson is suing Trump over the Title X funding rule change. This evening I was watching the news, where they hosted one of the supporters of this, and her numerous blatant lies on the topic were maddening, especially after she was confronted by the wording of the rule change, that specifically showed she was lying:

This seems like as good an opportunity as any to recommend people read Cienna Madrid's piece about the "care" providers the "concerned woman" in the link above was recommending, and how her characterizations of crisis pregnancy centers belie the truth:

@3: A fine job exemplifying why scientists switched to the term "climate change." Some folks just aren't endowed with the faculties to understand complex ideas, even when they're extremely dumbed-down for their benefit.


What about Feinstein and the Green New Deal Kids?
Who is right?
And what did the letter actually say?


@3 "It's cold in winter, therefore there's no Global Warming."

That's a Donald Trump level of stupid.


The Truth is The Left and their legions of "scientists" desperately towing the party line to protect their funding and tenure have no fucking idea what the climate is going to do.
The forecast; the 'consensus'; the 'settled' science changes monthly.

Climate is changing.
Anyone who spends anytime outside knows that.
It always has.
It always will.
Does human activity affect it?
Of course.
Everything affects climate.
Cows farting.
Butterflies in Africa fluttering their wings.

Is the climate 'sick'?
Hell no.
Climate does what the fuck it wants.
It doesn't care about your feelings.

Is The Earth in peril?
Hell no.
It will be just fine.

Does The Left know how to Heal The Planet?
Get things back the way they used to be.
Hell No.
They have no way of knowing, and it is unknowable, what effect any of the changes they call for will have.
Climate is complicated.

Climate change will inconvenience humans.
Suck it.
Adapt or Die.
There is nothing to heal, nothing to fix.
Which is lucky, because there is no way to anyway.


Climate change science denial as shown @14 and @3 is pretty much on par with holocaust denial, except way worse, for many more people are going to die because of climate change than the 10 million odd people exterminated by nazis (jews, roms, gays, left wingers,..).


Where’s the scorpion/brain story?


Even the Climate is worse than a Nazi now?
Get help....


How can Seattle Weekly be dead when I still regularly read it online?

BTW, when I do read The Stranger it's only online. It's been years since I've bothered to pick up a printed copy.


With the Weekly gone, how much longer before the Stranger follows it out the door? This rag seems to be mainly about LGBTQ and weed.


Y’all Stranger writers better learn to code. Your endless calvacade of DUDE WEED articles and puff piece restaurant “reviews” can only keep this shit barge afloat for so long.


So...Trump is offended that the president of China is...Chinese?