Itll be better than this!
It'll be better than this! igor_kell/Getty Images

Emotional support pit bull mauls 5-year-old girl: At the Portland International Airport. The girl's mother has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against the Port of Portland for allowing the support animal into the airport without a carrier, reports KOMO. The support animal thing is getting out of hand. I saw some woman get her Lhasa Apso on a flight as an emotional support animal. Those dogs are hell! Anyway, this little girl got roughed up, I will not embed the tweet butttt if you want to see her split lip click the link.

We're going to get universal sex education in Washington schools! The State Senate just passed a bill that would mandate sex education in all grades in schools across Washington. That's great! The internet was my sex educator, all I learned in school was that the walls of my uterus were going to shed at some point and they gave me a very thin panty liner. Kids will be learning about affirmative consent and how to recognize abusive relationships. Hell yeah! Educate the kids!

Breaking Benjamin is coming to White River Amphitheatre on September 22nd. Tickets still available!

Seattle is one step closer to big police hiring bonuses: Seattle is having a hard time recruiting and retaining police officers amidst a bunch of baby boomers retiring and a low employment rate in general. To incentivize and attract officers, Mayor Jenny Durkan proposed tacking on a $15,000 signing bonus for newly-hired experienced officers. Additionally, new recruits will get a $7,500 hiring bonus. The bonuses were approved by Seattle City Council’s public safety committee and will head to the full City Council no later than March 11.

Seattle's second airport is open for business starting Monday! Shut up, I know it's in Everett, but Paine Field is opening and it's all very exciting so forgive me for the exaggeration. It's two gates of pure swank and limited flights. What more could you ask for?

He's (announcing that he's) running (soon): Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to announce his imminent presidential campaign sometime this week. Inslee, who would be running on a save-the-climate-or-else platform has been hinting at his candidacy for awhile now. All signs are pointing to an announcement by the end of the week.

Some snow: It might snow tonight. It's probably not going to stick. What is going to stick are these godforsaken cold temperatures.

Dori Monson went to Europe once: The KIRO Radio personality used his experience in a "French port city" to explain why he thinks the Seattle upzone (the Mandatory Housing Affordability) that's going to pass is socialist. He thinks it will get rid of backyards and kids will just have to play in the sewers or something. He also claims that the point is to get more people in the city to pay more taxes. Nope, just to give people places to live at reasonable prices, Dori!!

Amazon has abandoned the massive building project they used as a bargaining chip during the head tax: Oh man, we were duped! Amazon dumped the downtown building project that they threatened to abandon back last May when the Seattle City Council passed the head tax. With this news, it seems that Amazon's future in Seattle is becoming hazier. They're going full steam ahead in Bellevue, however!

The Michael Cohen hearing was today: A lot happened. Cohen was humble and bare like a man who has nothing left to lose—and he doesn't, his 3-year prison sentence starts in spring. Some of the major developments: Cohen claimed that Trump reimbursed him with 11 checks (WHILE TRUMP WAS PRESIDENT) for paying women like Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their affairs with Trump. Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it, Cohen said, “He lied about it because he never expected to win" and was in a position to make " hundreds of millions of dollars on the Moscow real estate project," reports the New York Times. Also, Cohen said that Trump was in contact with Roger Stone about WikiLeaks hacking the Democratic National Convention. There's a lot more.

If you watch one thing from the Cohen hearing, watch AOC tear into him: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is brutal in her questioning of Michael Cohen. But, she's not mean, she's not rude, she doesn't grandstand or moralize. She is brutal only in her efficiency, she slices into him like a warm knife through butter. She asks for names, she puts together a list. It was a breath of fresh air from the majority of the questioning. Charles Mudede likened it to a black ops mission.

Meanwhile, Trump was in Vietnam with Kim Jong-un:

Virginia leadership can't figure out how to quit being racist: Virginia, the state whose leadership has been plagued by blackface scandals, is still bogged down in racist bullshit. Most recently, the governor's wife, you'll recall the governor was the guy whose blackface photos jumpstarted this whole thing, handed cotton to black children on a tour of the governor's mansion and asked them to imagine "being enslaved and picking this all day." She allegedly gave cotton to all the children on the tour, not just black children, but why the fuck does she need to hand out cotton for kids to understand the severity of the transatlantic slave trade?

Honestly…: The Detective Pikachu movie looks good…

App used by mostly children accused of stealing their data: Tik Tok, the lip-synching app that feels like a shoddy Vine spin-off, has been stealing its users' data. Tik Tok, I just found out today, used to be the app and rebranded last August. The only people I knew who used were under 13 years old. Granted, I don't know many people under 13, but was an app used mostly by kids. Now, those kids are using Tik Tok and Tik Tok is stealing their "email addresses, phone numbers, first and last names, and photos," according to Gizmodo. They have been fined $5.7 million.

Uganda is grappling with charging its citizens to use the internet: There was a levy introduced in Uganda in July that set a tax on social media use and transactions via mobile phones. The tax was 200 Ugandan shillings per day which equals $0.054 US dollars. Millions of Ugandans have abandoned the internet and the economy is feeling the hit.