Slog PM: Sex Education for All Grades in Washington, AOC Shines in Cohen Hearing, Bad App Steals Children's Data



Ayanna Pressley was shinier.


"Kids will be learning about affirmative consent and how to recognize abusive relationships. Hell yeah! Educate the kids!" That's a big DUH. However -- we have a fanatically fundamentalist element in this country that doesn't believe that a woman should be allowed Agency over her own body. Under the protection of their particular Brand of religion, they want everyone to Believe just Exactly the same as they do -- that fetuses ARE Children, and that women must, and exist solely to make children -- that it is their Biological Determination, and women's "free will" be damned. Hell, they'll even pick out their Hubbys for 'em.

Will they allow the teaching of putting condoms on bananas? Good fucking Luck.
Free birth control? Don't make me laff.

And "abusive relationships"? One man's abuse is another man's clearly-defined* Role.

Take one for the Team gals -- and support The Patriarchy.
It's a lot like Sharia Law, only for White people.

*Defined -- by God


"She [Virginny's first lady] allegedly gave cotton to all the children on the tour, not just black children, but why the fuck does she need to hand out cotton for kids to understand the severity of the transatlantic slave trade?"

It's an educational thing. When they get to prison, the poorer ones who went to the shitty schools are gonna need to learn a trade -- and picking cotton's always been what's worked in the South, before. They sooner they learn good, solid picking skills, the faster their sadistic Overseers in prison can make money.

Knowing our prison system, they'll probably end up learning the ins and outs of the sex trade, too.

Relax -- it's just Capitalism.

It's The SOCIALISM that's really really Scary.


Even I - sheltered Catholic child that I was - was given a church-sanctioned book in (I swear to God) a brown paper bag explaining, in a very clinical way, the "Miracle of Life" - from conception to birth. Of course, it didn't discuss birth control, but the way that it explained "fertilization" certainly left one with an impression on how one might avoid "fertilization" (saran wrap? pulling out?) .

Afterwards, Papa Vel-DuRay took me for a ride in his Mustang (a rare treat!) and asked me if I had any questions. We were both mortified, so kept silent. Then we went to Dairy Queen.


Paine Field will be a boon for Canadians for direct flights.

As far as Amazon goes, no, why would you expand in a unfriendly business environment that our City Council placed before them, not to mention NY. Any bitching from Bellevue?...crickets. Maybe we could send a couple of our City Council members across the lake to explain how Amazon will destroy them.

Yeah, it's tough to find recruits to fill our police force vacancies because few dedicated new or veteran officers of the law would want to work for a city that hates and degrades them.


@5, if the police don't like people hating them maybe they should clean up their shit.


@6: Please clarify "they" - the chief, union, all cops?


@6, If people don't like police hating them maybe they should clean up their shit.


@8 -- If entire groups of people don't like getting Shot by po-po
maybe they should just stay indoors and don't drive cars;
skip school and go straight to Jail.

Do NOT pass Go! and collect your $200.

We've been doing it this way for 300 years;
it's just the WayThings Are. So, STFU.


Amazon has abandoned the massive building project they used as a bargaining chip during the head tax. (alternate headline: Amazon fucks Seattle up the ass again without lube and without remorse, will the endless rape ever end? hint: NO)


Bezos has some Balls, don't he?
Bend over Bellevue
You're about to get Amazoned.


@9, What? Is Amazon under some requirement to be there? Or is Amazon saying, Seattle, your more trouble than your worth.


@11 Amazon promised something in return for the city of Seattle making sure the head tax was not passed/repealed once passed. They got what they wanted and now they're not holding up their end of the bargain. Explain to me why Seattle continues to kowtow to Amazon when Amazon does things like this?


Maybe I'm being old-fashioned, but isn't it a bit young to start sex ed before kids can read, or do basic math? I'm obviously no child psych-- "Democratic lawmakers said the bill would foster awareness of healthy relationships and require classes to be age appropriate.

Affirmative consent is the concept that explicit agreement, rather than the absence of objection, should be the standard for consenting to sex or touch." Oh. Well, OK then.

@4: That's actually a cute story, about you and your dad in his Mustang. It's hard to not love a growing-up story that ends with, "Then we went to Dairy Queen."


"The Internet was my sex educator."

Dang, that's Savage.


A French port city. That must've been hard.


4, You kill me! You always make me laugh. I think I'm in love. Aaaaand, I gave up being Catholic for Lent and never quite took it up again.


11: Please learn the difference between your and you're. You're= You are.

You're (you are) welcome.


Don't celebrate "Sex Education for All Grades in Washington" just yet. This legislation still has to be passed by the House, and although the Democrats have a healthy majority in that chamber they also have a well-earned reputation for compromising when the don't need to or downright not moving progressive legislation because not enough Republicans are willing to join them.


Nathalie- how about some love for the Gonzaga Bulldogs?
Back in #1 in the nation this week!
This is a real feel-good story for our brethren in E Washington, uniting folks in a positive way that sports can. An excellent wedge to open hearts & minds. Lots of good stories embedded in that team. You're missing the boat here.


@17: Stop it.

People know the difference between you're and your. But everyone, including you, makes typos and you're only being annoying.

Thank you.



It's only annoying to people who are too lazy/ignorant to take the few seconds required to check their grammar and spelling before hitting the "Post Comment" button, or who have nothing better to do than complain when someone gets called out for it...


@21: Yeah even worse are those whom like to contort the exchange into insults.


@9 They are not abandoning the Rainier Square project, they are just subleasing the office space out. Idk why but the City still get the tax revenue from the future tenant(s).


@13 "Maybe I'm being old-fashioned, but isn't it a bit young to start sex ed before kids can read, or do basic math?"

Sex Education starts on page 28. Honestly, you haven't lived until you go to a couple public comment sessions and meet people who find any of this stuff problematic at each grade level.

While these are the standards right on the OSPI website, I thought I remembered that some of the language had been fixed to be more inclusive of the spectrum of genders, but those may have been proposed but not yet adopted or just wishful thinking on my part.


"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is brutal in her questioning of Michael Cohen. But, she's not mean, she's not rude, she doesn't grandstand or moralize. She is brutal only in her efficiency, she slices into him like a warm knife through butter. She asks for names, she puts together a list. It was a breath of fresh air from the majority of the questioning." --our own N. Graham




I can assure you, there was absolutely no "contortion" required...


Many in the media, including Ms. Graham, are taking note of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's deft questioning of Mr. Cohen. However, she was not the only one. Perhaps most noteworthy was the way several committee members obviously worked together to coordinate their questions and, you know, actually do their jobs.