A Bill Decriminalizing Teen Sexting Passes the House, Causing Republican to Scream About Anal Sex on the Floor



Yeah, all the sex scolds throughout time always insist on going over the details explicitly. It's how they sublimate their sexuality.


I may not know much, but I DO know Obscene when I see it, and Klippert, a school resource officer and Pentecostal preacher, is


That clip gave me a chubby.


i honestly thought after we found out ted haggard was getting fucked in the ass by a hooker with a 10 inch cock people like this were going to be shaken to their senses like everybody knows what this is all about, but that was over a decade ago and here we are


You can be sure that Klippert is an expert because he pronounces sadism as SAD-ism (instead of SAED-ism).


Jesus, Dirtbag, klean your screen, pronto!
Before that shit turns into sement.


Always fun watching these religious whackos rant and rave about sex, something that clearly scares them to death. Oh my God, it's a penis (or a vagina), everybody head for the hills!!!


Methinks he doth protests too much!


So did he come or not?


Well, that was an awesome video.


@2 German Sausage: Spot on, agreed, and seconded. Reason #1 why I continually vote Big D.
@4 Dirtbag: um........TMI! If you got stuck hitting Return I don't really want to know.
@6 Knat: I know, right? Someone should use klippers on Klippert. He and all male RepublikKKans should be castrated.
@7 kristofarian: LOL
@8 RickFromTexas and @9 iseult: Tied for the WIN!


Are state-level speeches considered public domain like those given before Congress? This audio has some real legs.


Bet every dime you have that Klippert has multiple hard drives full of porn featuring anal sex. If you get good odds that he possesses child porn then bet on that as well.


This seems like a good idea, provided nobody tries to exploit teens' immunity to child-porn possession and distribution laws.

But nobody's going to do that, right? The law is airtight?


Thank you, GermanSausage dear. It's nice to have another person to hold the standard on high. After all, I'm not as young as I used to be.



I am sure that is there for research and educational purposes, not for enjoyment or other perverted pleasures. I am sure that he would be eminently qualified under his bill to determine if video shows a young person masturbating or not, even if he has to watch it a hundred times.


FRIGGIN' BRAD. This goober is (unfortunately) from my hometown. When he's not yelling about anal sex, he's pushing to have i502 repealed.


“Brad Klippert, a school resource officer and Pentecostal preacher”

Great, nothing like a bible thumper with a firm grip on the reality of anal sex to ensure kids are safe


Can we just start calling them "Bible tHumpers"? The cruciform letter is silent.


"Free your mind, and your ass will follow".
Apparently Klippert has a ways to go yet....


@21 treacle: ....but Klippert already IS freely making an ass of himself. His bald, white, sanctimonious head screams it.


With that little talent for public speaking, it's no wonder he doesn't seem to have an actual preaching gig.