Seattle DJ Lord Phatricks itinerary includes festival dates in the Netherlands.
Seattle DJ Lord Phatrick's itinerary includes festival dates in the Netherlands. Valerie Calano


Current top 5 tracks:

Vertical67, "Sapphire Blue" [played @33 rpm] (Vortex Traks )
"I didn’t realize I was playing this song at the wrong speed until I flipped the record over after about 3 repeat listens of 'Sapphire Blue.' No regrets, though; putting it on at 33 rpm morphs it into this deep emotional experience that just expands every element of the track. There’s an extra layer of personal significance to this track as well. Recently I had to say goodbye to a dear friend and every time I hear this track’s bass line, reminiscent of Z-Factor’s 'Thorns,' it reminds me of him. I find comfort in this track."

Rude 66, "666" (6666 Recordings)‎
"The first time I heard this was when my fellow DJ brethren, DJ Sh1-tr, dropped it at a recent Medical Rx show. After being scraped up off the floor, I rushed to him to ask who was responsible for this superb cover of Savage’s 'Don’t Cry Tonight.' I was amazed (but not too surprised?) to hear it was none other than one of my favorite producers, Rude 66. What a treat. This record has been in my bag ever since."

[Audio not available.]

Methusalem, "Robotism" (Ariola)
"Cosmic Deutsche disco from 1980 that I won’t even try and contain with too many words. Time kind of becomes irrelevant when this one goes on."

Susan Stevens, "I’ve Done It (Discotto Vocal Edit)" (unreleased)
"Edit or not, not many tracks can spark so much life into a dance floor as Susan Stevens's 'I’ve Done It.' This particular edit was done by a world-class DJ and fellow Intergalactic FM robot, Discotto. The way he cuts it together results in one of the most fun tracks to play live, both for the dance floor and for me."

Ceephax, "The Green Night" (WéMè Records)
"The whole Camelot Arcade album is a masterpiece of modern acid, and I would consider it to be a contender for my favorite album of 2018. This track in particular is one of those euphoric metaphors for me, a 'play just before the sun starts to rise' kind of song. A great track to close out this list with."

Crew/label affiliations: "Intergalactic FM; Medical Records."

Styles played: "My record collection focuses primarily on electro, disco, Italo, acid, techno, wave, and all sorts of stuff in-between. I'm kind of genre-agnostic, so to speak. In terms of DJing style, I was brought up DJing in the Midwestern style of techno/house DJs from the late '90s/early 2000s. To put that in relatable terms, mixing with lots of EQ trickery and live edit techniques."

DJing philosophy: "I approach set creation and track selection while DJing in two different ways: studio recordings and live performances. When doing studio mixes, I feel I my approach is inspired by my background as a cinematic animator. My mixes all aim to tell some sort of narrative (literal or abstract), complete with a three-act structure, usually. Think of watching a vibrant movie, or set of movie clips in your mind’s eye and scoring it via records; that’s my approach, in a nutshell. These mixes are often a way for me to process life in all its complicated glory.

"My second approach would be performing live in front of an audience. Those sets can be a range of premeditated sets to full-on improv—just depends on what kind of show I am playing. Mostly, though, I am packing a record bag filled with options so I can run little experiments here and there to see what resonates with people out there."

Format: "I prefer vinyl, but also enjoy playing on digital decks when I get the opportunity."

Worst request: "I haven’t really ever gotten a cringe-worthy request, so here’s a good one: I recently had a gentleman come up with a $20 in hand and request Susan Stevens's 'I’ve Done It.' No problem, right? Well, I had just played it about 30 minutes earlier, probably before he arrived. He was heartbroken, regardless, so I played another Susan Stevens track and asked him to go tip the bar staff the $20 instead."

Upcoming events:
Medical Rx – Live @ Pony, every 1st Saturday of the month, FREE

Operator Radio - Medical Rx showcase LIVE - June 5 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Intergalactic FM Festival 2019 – June 6-9 – The Hague, Netherlands