Cherry Glazerr and Palehound play tonight at Neumos
Cherry Glazerr has a chip on their shoulder and are looking for a fight—and you should indulge them. Pamela Littky/Courtesy of the band

Tonight, Cherry Glazerr is playing Neumos with support from Boston-based Palehound. I first encountered Cherry Glazerr during my sophomore year of college. My best friend had to create a portrait of herself for an on-campus job she was applying to. She made a stark webpage composed of a picture of her with her tongue out and a cheesy sandwich gif, with Cherry Glazerr’s melty, punky, fuzzy “Grilled Cheese” playing in the background. It was internet art as fuck. (Also, my friend got the job).

The Los Angeles band just dropped their third album, Stuffed & Ready, which has a darker, angrier, more confrontational sound than their previous efforts. Their lyrics are dark, political, and personal. They’ve got a chip on their shoulder and are looking for a fight—and you should indulge them. Lead singer Clementine Creevy is frequently described as being a feminist, and has even called herself a feminist, but has a hard time calling out people like Alleged Creep Jeffrey Tambor.

But "Wasted Nun" is an aesthetically cool song, so what does it matter if our message and actions don't align lol she's shows her nipples and has pit hair! Feminism!

There's also "Daddi," which I suppose is about men policing women's bodies. I actually first heard this song in a drag lip sync performance by Seattle School Newspaper Editor/Stranger Digital Editor Chase Burns/Uh Oh. Uh Oh was wearing those giant Hulk gloves and flitted and rolled around the stage, shaking her hand at the crowd during the chorus: "Don't hold my HAND/Don't hold my hand!"

Ellen Kempner's project Palehound is good too.

Cherry Glazerr and Palehound roll through Neumos tonight. Check 'em out (if you're into that kind of thing).