I Admit It: I Do Not Lower the Office Toilet Seat



Well, you sorry asshole, the least yopu can do is fetch Nathalie some tampons like she asked.....


This is a really stupid blog entry, even for Slog. But what's really galling about it is that Lester fails by the own standard he sets for his specious reasoning.

Lester, your toilet has a lid. When you flush that toilet with the lid up, it sends a plume of fecal-matter-tinged mist into the air around it. You're not being hygienic, dude. Quite the opposite.

By not closing the toilet lid, you are making the entire bathroom into a petri dish with the comingled poop particles of Stranger staff. Put the fucking seat down and the lid with it.


Hard to fathom, unless you know Lester. But no one in his entire life ever showed him how to use a toilet. Pro tip: don’t ever eat anything he has made. Ever.


What, not enough insanity in the comments section the last time this bullshit was posted it had to be posted again? NOTHING GOING ON IN THE COUNTRY OR THE WORLD OR EVEN SEATTLE FFS, GOTTA REVISIT THIS TOPIC? How much does Stranger staff get paid for rehashing the same blog posts over and over and over and over????


I was really looking forward to having The Stranger's filthy bathroom pic go away after more posts pushed it to the bottom into "Next" - but now Lester ruins everything.


Everyone knows that girls don't poop or pee, so who cares?
PS - Nathalie u were warned about the big gay dan boys club in that shoppe.


Finally a Slog post that makes sense.

In other news, urinals exist and should be in every bathroom. Less water wasted (or no water depending on model), no seat to worry about. It's a dream come true for all involved.


If everyone put both seats down, every time, everyone always has to lift the seat. Problem solved. Also, dogs can't drink out of them anymore...


Here’s what nobody ever mentions: public toilet seats are among the germiest, least appealing things to touch in creation, and not something I enjoy handling. And yet the expectation is that I pick it up, then immediately touch my dick/pants/zipper before lowering it again and finally getting to wash my hands. I think more acknowledgment of the burden this presents for men would help us feel better about collectively taking one for the team (the team being, “the human race and its ability to collectively get along”).


All toilet seat lids should be in the down position when not in active use. If one needs to use the facility one should either lift the lid, or the lid and seat depending on one’s requirements. Once used, the lid (and seat) should be returned to down/closed position.
If one splashed on the rim of the toilet or on the seat while standing or sitting that person should wipe off the splash.
Keep in mind that splashes can arise from a seated position as well as from the standing position. A wet under-rim of a seat can also result from particularly energetic use and is unpleasant to experience in a shared facility.
In short, don’t piss all over everything. If you do, wipe it up. Then, close the lid so people don’t have to see into an open toilet.


@9 That is why we have feet. Of course, handling the seat & flushing with the soles of your pissy/shitty shoes makes the toilet even MORE disgusting, but not your problem!

@10 Lots of shoulds. The problem lies in what people actually do.

Apparently, it is also worth repeating from yesterday's comments that most public toilets don't have lids. Yuck. They also tend to have the high pressure flushing mechanism which LITERALLY sprays piss and shit everywhere when activated. Double Yuck.


This toilet has lid. It should be closed when not in use.


This post tells me that the Stranger creates a hostile work environment for women.

Ladies, you know what to do.


I love all the people saying this isn’t worthy of a Slog post. Clearly you are Slog newbies. Also, to all the people who are grossed out by the amount of bacteria on public toilet seats - you might want to sanitize your phone. If that’s not something you do regularly, there’s a good chance it has more bacteria than most toilet seats.
I don’t agree with Lester’s logic for leaving the seat up, but at least he is conscientious about it. That’s worth something. And honestly, I don’t find this less interesting or important than the latest example of trump being a self-centered dumbass.


Looking at Lester, I'm assumed he pee'd sitting.


Just piss in the sink.


So men at the stranger are gross and can’t be trusted to lift the seat or wipe the seat...and because all the men at the stranger are gross it justifies your gross man behavior...


I suppose now we'll be enduring a post about whether the toilet paper should drop over, or under, on the roller.


@19 Phoebe in Wallingford: Either that, or the usual trolling male commenters bragging about their restroom water sports competitions.


@19 over.