Millennials and at Least One Billionaire Agree: Capitalism Isn't Working for the Working Class



There are two kinds of folks;
those who work and pay taxes and foot the bills
and those who mooch and whine and take.
The takers now out-number the workers
and will vote themselves ever increasing 'benefits' and 'entitlements'.
who will pay for this stuff?
they don't know or give a shit,
they just know it won't be them.
Down that road leads destruction, sooner than later.


One party in this country understand how economics works, and how it's increasingly screwing an increasing swatch of the country.

The other party just gave away 1.5 trillion dollars to the people who need it the least.


The ironic part is the people who have the most money; have their hands out trying to take as much as they can from anyone.

Some of us are just a little more moral; trying to pay our taxes and work a regular job while others just use our tax dollars to build mansions.

Provided you keep us busy with the TV and having to buy new things always you'll keep us busy for a time but eventually we'll come for your head. If you don't want that to happen here's your chance to listen.



Hope you're not including multi-billionaires and their corporations under "those who work and pay taxes" because we all know they don't - or at least not at the same ratio as everyone else. If they did, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

5 increasing swath*. Pardon the typo. (We ever gonna get an edit feature here?)


The only difference that matters is the difference between a market driven economy and a government directed economy. One works best for the most people. One fails for all people.


And now I realize that "economics" was not the right word to use either. This is what happens when one is typing as they're waiting for a task to finish, and not giving the appropriate time to edit first. (Again, an edit button would be appreciated.)


Obviously time to increase my seed investment in Guillotine franchises.


I think a lot of folks are trying to foist a false 'Market Economy vs Socialism' narrative here. You let me know when the 'gub-mit' starts seizing the means of production of toilet paper, then we can talk about central planning. Trying to align the needs of actual taxpayers with the things our taxes are used for is not quite the Bolshevik Revolution.


@1 whines incessantly about the homeless problem in Seattle, then whines incessantly about efforts to fund solutions to said problem. He's just the best.


Interesting piece from Business Insider:
Noting that AOC reiterates Marx's labor theory of value ... but goes on to note a growing body of investment banking research suggesting the accumulation of wealth tiny minorities is a serious threat to the economy.

Note also, adherents of the "makers vs takers" ideology - if they had given appropriate study to market economic theory - would know that market economies do not produce billionaires. Not one. There are no billionaires in a true market economy.


40% of Americans cannot come up with $400 and yet I see $2000 rims all over the place.


"capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people."

Deregulated capitalism for sure does not work for the majority of people as it leads to monopolies and extreme wealth concentration; we already knew that 100 years ago so I am not sure why so many were bamboozled again by Freedumb economics. Whether or not it is true of capitalism is probably moot insofar resource and ecosystem limits raise the specter of civilization collapse, and likely demand a new post capitalistic era with an economy based on sound budgeting and cooperation rather than on plunder and competition.


We have our own local billionaire who also agrees that capitalism is broken. Check out Nick Hanauer's podcast called Pitchfork Economics. I heard old Stranger writer Paul Constant on there recently...