Washington State Lawmaker Calls Adversity "A Gift" For Students



What was Geo Dub's GPA, again? That counts as adversity: I think we all suffered from that.

And let's not examine too closely the automatic equivalence between "poor and low income", and "trade school", shall we?


If you let people go through college w/o barrowing lots of money then they will major in puss faggot stuff like liberal arts and journalism. Study computer science or else become an apprentice electrician people.


Yeah, maintaining a C+ average is a major obstacle for anyone. With continuing drops (in once static) grade levels, C+ seemed too much to ask for. How about D+?


The thing is that the world we live in is full of adversity from beginning to end, especially as it is now.

As it stands we have many problems that nobody seems to be interested in working on resolving or in one case even talking about.

Dating is an absolute mess, people are finding it harder and harder to succeed in life by any metric, everyone hates everyone else, and those are only the things I can think of off the top of my head.

We should, if possible, be doing things to ease the sufferings of others, not add to them.


@4, Not to make a point of it but you sound like you were born yesterday. The World is the World. Always has been. It didn't just pivot when you were born. Loss of Innocence is always an ambush.


@2 Larry and @3 &@5 Moe: Lookie, lookie, lookie! Just a mere mention of yet another corrupt RepubliKKKan senator screwing his constituents and the trolling MAGA stooges come crawling out of the sewers.


What were your majors, Ken and Jackkay?


Keith Wagoner should be ordered by Washington State legislature to do community service if he's so pro-adversity. I recommend Wagoner forfeit his gross overpayment as a GOP senator and instead flip burgers at McDonald's for three months at minimum wage and no benefits while enrolling at Washington State University. Let's see if the economics work for him.


@7, Bribery and scandal.


"Adversity is a gift" says straight, old, white guy.

What a clueless dumbass.


Ah yes, the barbarism of a 2.5 GPA. How cruel.


Because, Republicans.


Wagoner walked to UW and saved lives in military service overseas as a commander. This is after growing up dirt poor on a goat farm, I think he knows some about adversity.


@7 History, but my parents paid for it.


@13, but he's white so he knows nothing about having a hard life. Please refer to your pyramid of left wing defined oppression categories to offer you guidance.


"If you want free money from the taxpayers to attend school, you need to demonstrate you are serious about your education and can maintain the workload by maintaining an extremely easy, and barely competent GPA."

"This is barbaric, how can you be such a vile monster? Just give me money and fuck off, whitey."


Pass a law that rich parents can't keep paying their kids tuition if they don't maintain the same GPA. If they believe this is the right way to educate kids, then prove it.

But we know the highest tiers of success are occupied by the children of the rich, whether they were mediocre students or not. Bush. Trump. The upper management of any company you can name. Their parents were always going to pay their way to the very end, no matter how low their grades dropped. And in spite of all that free help, they would go on to succeed.

How is that possible? It should be the children of poor families who fill the boardrooms and the management desks. The US Senate. If free school makes you weak and incapable, and having to struggle makes you better, then why aren't the kids who struggled coming out on top in the end? The evidence doesn't add up.

When rich kids start to flunk out of school, their parents throw even more money at them. They hire tutors and pay for makeup schools. Buy their way into some other school if they can't hack it at the one they are at. If the highest paid workers in our society -- and they must be very wise because they get paid so much -- give their kids free stuff, then free stuff must be wise. The state should follow suit.

Or if we want to stop coddling kids, the rich should lead the way. Let's see wealthy kids get cut off when they don't maintain a 2.5 gpa. We'll all watch and see how that works out, then follow suit.

It also make me ask why any school is free. Why is high school free, even if you don't have a 2.5 gpa? Or middle school? If this is a good policy, throw those kids out of school too. If we believe in it.

The problem is conservatives think life is fair. They think if your parents can afford it, you deserve it. Life wouldn't give you anything unless you deserved it. The government gives people things they don't deserve, but only the government. Everything else, you get it by inheritance or grift or a sweet defense contract, that's fair. They'll never waver from that dogma.


Keith Wagoner had a tax-paid education at the US Naval Academy. Another Rebuplican moocher.


@17: Tax dollars (public money) are fundamentally different than the money you own and earn privately. This is why the government can collect/spend set amounts of tax dollars on things, but it does not go into your bank account to take money directly to pay for things outside of that collection.

@18: If you go into active duty service in the Navy after graduating, your tuition is paid by the government. Wagoner served in the Navy for 23 years. That was his payment, as both parties agreed to.

Do you think the government should ignore the promises it makes to the people who serve in the armed forces? Why?


“Tax dollars are fundamentally different than the money you own and earn privately.”

Ridiculous. If that was true, there wouldn’t be any government regulations at all. You could spew pollution, you could practice medicine without a license, you could pay workers less than the minimum wage.

I get that you guys think it’s different. You think life is fair, and therefore wealth equals privilege. There’s no such principle. We can certainly do this at state schools, and withhold government aid from private schools that don’t comply. But even aside from that, wealth does not equal privilege.

The law says you can’t buy heroin, no matter that you can afford it. Because we say it’s harmful. If coddling kids with bad grades is harmful, we can ban it. Republicans are totally lying about that, of course. They only mind when poor kids are coddled. Classic concern troll.

I know this sounds like crazy talk to you. You use the phrase “money you own and earn privately” without a second’s thought. You have no proof anyone’s money was earned, or otherwise acquired legally and ethically. But the default assumption is that it must have been. While students unable to afford school are, by default, suspect. There must be something wrong with them. If they deserve things, they’d already have them. You think life is fair and can’t wrap your mind around any other worldview.

Life is not fair, ya big babies.


@20: You can be mad and ridiculous all you want, but it does not change the fact that there are numerous legal and practical differences between tax dollars collected by the government and the money in your wallet right now. Even if you do not understand why.

It has nothing to do with heroin, government regulations, your jealousy of the success of others, or fairness.


@17 We conservative certainly don't believe life is fair, we simply understand that a functional human civilization requires a hierarchal social structure. When the small folk overthrow their masters, no good ever comes of it. If you doubt me, I suggest you read up on the French and Russian revolutions.


“there are numerous legal and practical differences between tax dollars collected by the government and the money in your wallet right now.”

Such as? Don’t be coy. You think it’s unconstitutional? Which rights would it violate? You’re sputtering that it’s NOT ALLOWED, but you’ve never even examined your assumptions.

What matters is these Republicans wouldn’t even consider equal treatment. Drug testing for public housing? Of course! Drug test home buyers? Why the very idea!

If they believed this gpa minimum was for the kids own good, they’d find a way to secure the same benefits for themselves and their rich bagmen. They’re caught in that lie right here before our eyes.


Ken, you literally just said you think life is fair. You think if monarchs rule, then that’s how it ought to be. It’s right for them to use force to maintain the established order. Wrong to try to change it. Right?

You think if a rich person is rich, they deserve to stay rich. The powerful deserve to stay powerful. You don’t care what crimes made it that way. All you care about is that it’s that way now, and that makes it fair.

You don’t have to lie to yourself. Admit you think life is fair. It’s not like anyone with have any less respect for you. You tell us every day that is how you see every issue: the way things are is right. Trying to make it fair is wrong. It’s already fair.
You don’t have to keep hiding from it. Say it out loud. “I think life is fair!”


@23: I have no idea what you are even rambling about now. Are you under the impression that the US government owns all property? Are you mentally well?

Here, try this, it may help you:


It says it is designed for fifth to ninth graders, so it may be too advanced for you, but I also found a schoolhouse rock video on youtube about what taxes are if you need it dumbed down a little more.


"You think if a rich person is rich, they deserve to stay rich."

Not necessarily, but I think efforts to redistribute wealth often cause social problems worse than the ones they are intended to remedy. Take a look at Soviet agricultural policy if you want to see what I mean.