Elizabeth Warren, Facebook, and "Outsourced Content Moderation"



Oh come on, it's not like they have to do it in Canada and Germany right now ...


Wait ...


"Social media misinformation is becoming a newsroom beat in and of itself,"

Corporate media misinformation is already a beat in and of itself.

NYT’s Exposé on the Lies About Burning Aid Trucks in Venezuela Shows How U.S. Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda



@3: Amazing. I always found Glenn Greenwald to be a good journalist.


As a ten-year user, I've never seen a political ad on Facebook . . . EVER. And I've used it in two states. Should I repeat that for you?

I'd love to quit Facebook but a couple of ex-pat family members insist on continuing to use it as a primary means of staying in touch with the rest of us. Meanwhile, I have quit all other social media platforms since it's clear they've become the septic tanks of the Internet. Why open the door wide and invite all that sludge into your life?

Really, political ads on Facebook are chump change compared to not only Facebook's but the other social media platforms' problems as well.

The real issue is in the personal postings. You can ban political ads, yet users will still get bombarded with fake news, conspiracy hoaxes, inflammatory political propaganda, hate speech, racism and bigotry, calls to violence, scams and fraud, and on and on, posted or shared by their online "friends".

There's no need to follow, say, an Alex Jones because some "friend" will share or re-package his BS for you believing it's all true and you need to know it. And ditto for leftist/progressive BS (it doesn't all come from the right anymore), of which there's now an equal amount floating around in the zeitgeist.

Your efforts are like trying to empty the Pacific Ocean with a teaspoon. They'll make no difference in solving the real problem because that problem IS individual users.

When someone, anyone, figures out how to effectively police each and every one of them and each and every one of their posts then you're on your way to an actual solution.


fb is just Too Fucking BIG to comply.
They have what, a BILLION users?

How the hell they ever gonna "police" that?!

btw -- their Manipulations must be Effective -- unless people are merely tossing away their hard-earned Money.


I gave up Facebook for Lent and I must confess that so far it's been less of a penance and more of a relief.


It is outrageous to allow Facebook to decide whose political ads get to see the light of day.
Everyone knows that is the job of the Leftist media.