The DJ should be showing you whats not on radio.
"The DJ should be showing you what's not on radio." Kirsten Mohan


Current top 5 tracks:

Moods (feat. James Chatburn), "Awake in the Dark" (Boogie Angst)

Koolade, "When Doves Fly" (Blvnt Records)

Kzyboost, "Ready or Not" (Sleepers Records)

Cisco Swank, "Could've Been" (self-released)

PYRMDPLAZA, "Strippp" (Bandcamp)

Crew/label affiliations: "Care Package Records, Soulectro, 206 Zulu, Family Night Sea."

Styles played: "Soulful, electronic, hip-hop sandwich with sprinkles of house and trap sauce."

Events organized: "Soulectro monthly at Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar."

DJing philosophy: "The DJ should be showing you what's not on radio, [music] that you should be grooving to. I'm really into graceful genre-jumping, starting soulful and hip-hop-groovy, then get more adventurous as the night goes on."

Format: "Traktor S4, Serato, vinyl, CDJ, my cell phone, lol."

Worst request: "I still can't believe I got asked to play some "real hip-hop" while playing Gang Starr's 'Skills.'"

Upcoming events:
March 23 Digital Theory at Substation
March 26 Stop Biting at Lo-Fi
March 29 Soulectro Monthly at Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar (last Fridays)
April 5 Yoroshiku 7 pm-10 pm (first Fridays)