Two mosques were targeted. Four suspects have been arrested.
Two mosques were targeted. Four suspects have been arrested. Jivko/Getty Images

At least 49 people are dead in Christchurch, New Zealand: In a mass shooting at two different mosques that authorities are calling a terrorist attack. Officials have arrested a man in his late 20s who they are charging with murder after he allegedly opened fire on the mosques during Friday prayer. He live-streamed a video of the shooting on Facebook. Many people online shared the grisly video, and technology companies scrambled to take the video down as quickly as possible. The man left a manifesto that spouts white-nationalist talking points, but it may also contain internationally incendiary rhetoric. Authorities in New Zealand said the attack was well-planned and have arrested three other suspects.

County Councilwoman Jeanne Kohl-Welles is running for reelection: She is seeking a second term as King County Council representative for District 4, which has seen a number of young candidates pop up this election cycle. Kohl-Welles has an army of high-profile endorsements from the likes of Jenny Durkan, Bob Ferguson, Dow Constantine, and a slew of former Washington politicians. We already have a thick city council race, what will this county council reelection look like?

UW innovation and start-up pioneer dies at 47: Vikram Jandhyala has been with the University of Washington in one capacity or another since 2000, and he was most well-known for reinvigorating the start-up incubator CoMotion. He was a vital bridge between the tech world and the university, eventually becoming co-CEO of the Bellevue-based Global Innovation Exchange, a graduate program in partnership with China’s Tsinghua University. According to UW president Ana Mari Cauce, he died by suicide.

Investigators at the plane crash site in Ethiopia found the jackscrew: And it shows the tail of the plane was in a very unusual position, according to the Seattle Times. The jackscrew changes the angle of the tail and can pitch the nose of the plane up or down, which may explain the rapid elevation changes the plane went through before crashing. The new Boeing flight control software in these 737 MAX 8 planes could also be to blame, because of automatic pitch adjustments that push the nose of the plane down if the sensors feel that the “Angle of Attack” is too high. The preliminary investigation into the Lion Air crash in Indonesia showed that this was the cause of that fatal crash, so investigators are chasing down that lead.

I know I just brought you a bunch of bad news right in a row: But at least I can bring you a good weather report! We’ve got sun and 50-plus-degree weather coming our way over the next few days, so get out there and enjoy it. Go find a nude beach and work on those tan lines. Oh wait, we don’t have any tan lines because nobody has seen the sun.

The student climate strike is today: So joining that would be one way to enjoy the sun! But it’s not meant to be fun, it’s an existential crisis, so we’re going to fucking act like it. It starts at 10 a.m. at Cal Anderson Park, and I’ll be there covering it. What more can you ask for?

The arctic is now locked in to 3 to 5 degrees Celsius of warming: According to a new UN report, even if every country hits its Paris Climate Accord goals, the arctic would still see astronomically high temperatures in the next few decades. By 2080, it could experience up to eight degrees of warming. That’s fucking crazy! I’ll be 85 by then, and the arctic ice will give way to trees. Do you see why these kids are striking?

It looks like President Trump just issued his first veto… by tweet? Does he know that's not how it works? Republicans in the Senate, well a handful of them anyway, issued a rare rebuke to Trump after passing a resolution disapproving the president’s national emergency declaration on the southern border. After this veto-by-tweet, it’ll go back to Congress, where it will have the almost impossible task of getting a two-thirds majority, but it was never about actually passing the resolution. It was about getting their opinions down on the record.

I realized I forgot the last two days of foreign language music: I'm a failure. You deserve more, so I'm going to give you more! Here's two, count 'em TWO, foreign language songs to start your day! I spoil you, don't I?

Happy almost Saint Patrick's Day! This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: The shamrock-themed EDM dance party Lucky, Pacific Northwest Ballet's Director's Choice, and Seattle Public Library's Huge Book Sale.