The Funniest Pieces Lindy West Wrote for The Stranger Before Making Her Hulu Show About Working Here



Absolutely criminal that Lindy's review of Uneeda Burger is excluded. It was so good that another food writer quoted it in their review of Uneeda.


@1 -- Gosh, I'd hate to go to jail over this. I'll just add it!


Chrissie darling, the boss character was not based on anyone from your office, which I am sure is even more crushing to your fruity egos.


3 Telling he wants to hump that conclusion!
It's a fucking office TV show. The "Angry Boss" character is cast before the show has a star, script, name or network. But he's based on YOU tho!


If three inter-office memos memos about toilet seats don’t count as a slog shitshow then I don’t know what does.


The different kinds of people there are is the best thing to ever appear in the stranger, possibly the internet


Steve Buscemi looks great!


My god Lindy was funny. Reading those pieces really underscores how unfunny The Stranger is now.


Lindy was driven away by the terrible working conditions there how many years ago? Is there a statute of limitations on taking credit for her fame with painfully grasping asides like "our digital editor Chase Burns asked me (the person who hired Lindy)"? Just wondering how many of these backhanded compliment/insults your readers will have to endure before you stop claiming credit for Lindy's success after she left the paper.


Gabe was just a shitty boss archetype (although with some Real Person moments!) with a few Stranger nods and other workplace struggles relevant to fat people thrown in.


Was she driven out or was she talented enough to move on to something better? I mean seriously no shade to the stranger* but her career exploded once she left there. Now the only staff writer who gets any attention outside the stranger's readership does so for all the worst possible reasons, like for example being favorably retweeted by ben shapiro. How things have changed.

[*all the shade to the stranger except mudede]


@11 If your wondering where The Stranger's integrity has gone and who pulls the strings there just post about Savage's relationship to rapist Dave Mienert and see how fast your comment gets deleted.


@7 yes - it helps when you look 45 when you're 25.


Thanks for the trips down memory lane! Loved her writing, and so many Strangers of that era.

And how about a shout-out to the golden era Slog Commentariat! Fnarf, Kim in Portland - where have you gone? Schmacky & Urgutha Fork - glad you’re still around. I don’t post much but I do feel part of a community over decades here now. Keep it snarky, people!


Hey Chris why do the writers who leave the Stranger never seem to have anything good to say about the management? Also why do 90% of them leave without any acknowledgement from the paper or appreciation of their years of work?


@13 But how does he keep that amazing figure of his?


@12, I assume it’s hard for print journalism to keep the lights on in the digital age. “Engagement” drives revenue now, not quality writing. Poorly conceived hot takes that “engage” the readership by annoying the shit out of them is much easier to produce and gets more clicks than something that requires talent. I certainly fall for it.


Look at my profile. Yes I’ve been here THAT LONG. Scrolling through those old comments is like looking at my high school yearbook: all the cool kids and assholes right next to each other. I’ve followed Lindy everywhere she’s gone. I’ve given Shrill to my daughters. And now she gets the last laugh...and it’s a big one. She’s the real deal. And sorry C and D, y’all were plenty shitty to her. Just sayin’.


14, seriously. Fnarf, Mr. Poe, Fifty-Two-Eighty, and the guy whose name was a play on Uranium isotopes. Now we’re stuck with Raindrop. Thank the powers that be that we still have Catalina Vel DuRay and Auntie Grizelda


My vote is for the Glengarry Glen Ross parody that was nominally a review of a Channing Tatum movie. "Put down that coffee. Coffee is for penis checkers!"


I wonder how Dan Savage or perhaps Tim Keck feel about being set up as the enemy or antagonist as her boss. This is the same guy that gave her her platform from the jump. Stay mad, Lindy West!


@19: lt was so sad when 5280 passed. Kim in Portland really liked him. I see her on Facebook now. I miss her here. Fnarf really limits his online engagement these days too.


Lissa, he passed???? I was off Slog for a a year or so, so I must’ve missed it. I was afraid of that. Glad you’re still around...


West's writings are the only one's I think of when I wonder whatever happened to The Stranger. Now I only have Mudede's writings if I need a good laugh.


Steve Buscemi should be cast in a John Waters biopic right now.


I’ve been around here a very long time indeed. (Began picking up the paper version in 93). Her snark was fun, but it honestly wasn’t that different from many other writers from that era and earlier. (William Steven Humphrey held this throne in the 90s, before starting “The Mercury” in Portland; Everett True brought the snark in a grating, solipsistic way for a while; David Schmader brought it in an endearing way in “Last Days” for years; etc). This was the House Brand that only in recent years has become faint to detect.