Dont forget that we loved you first.
Don't forget that we loved you first Nathalie Graham

Finally! MHA passes: After a long and arduous process, the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) that will implement new affordable housing and density requirements passed today. The Seattle City Council voted unanimously in favor of it. Now, 27 Seattle neighborhoods will see zoning changes. We're building up, baby! However, only six percent of single-family land is affected.

Scarecrow Video makes national headlines: Good. Let the world bask in Seattle's glow. Scarecrow Video in the University District is one-of-a-kind and this New York Times article proves it. Look! Look at this Seattle icon! 132,000 titles? Yes! We all know that. We love Scarecrow. We will not let Scarecrow die. Now, the nation knows Scarecrow and they will love it goddamnit. But yeah, this is a great feature. I'm glad to see Scarecrow getting the attention it deserves.

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Let the State Patrol buy your soon-to-be banned bump stock: The law banning the rifle components goes into effect on March 26. Before that happens, the public can sell them to the Washington State Patrol for a sweet $150 per bump. The ban was a result of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. According to KING5 "just under 300 were turned in around the state Sunday."

Some more Vancouver news: No, not Canada. It's never Canada. Vancouver, Washington, as Timothy and I pointed out in Slog AM, is rife with interesting news fodder. This blurb isn't about that fucking incredible (note: not a positive incredible, but a literal 'impossible to believe' incredible) middle school riot. It's about that story from last summer about the girl who allegedly pushed her peer off a bridge. Today, the girl charged with the pushing pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment. Prosecutors are recommending no jail time for her. The girl who was pushed lived but broke six ribs and punctured both lungs from the 50-foot fall.

Winter weather whiplash: Today is officially the warmest winter day ever recorded at Sea-Tac. I had lunch outside in the park. My skin is very dry. It doesn't know what this thing—warmth?—is. I feel awake and fully photosynthesized. The best part? The week's weather looks a lot like today. Think back on where we were a month ago.

Whoa, whoa, whoa: There's some debate on the subject!! Seattle Weather Blog is chiming in with some cold (warm?), hard facts.

We've got some opinions about Trump TV's newest feature: Shit, did I say Trump TV? Sorry, uh, replace that with KOMO News. Have you heard about KOMO's new "Seattle Is Dying" special? You haven't? Lucky you. In case you want your blood to boil, here's this.

Trump is killing the arts: For the third year in a row, the proposed federal budget will kneecap funding for "the arts and humanities, public television and radio, libraries and museums," according to a report by the Washington Post. From the article, "the cuts total $897 million of the $4.7 trillion 2020 spending plan." Even though Trump has called for these cuts in the past, the Republican Congress at the time called to fund them.

More details are emerging about the New Zealand killer: But fuck that. Here are the victims. Those stories are more important. Today, New Zealand's youth performed a traditional dance in honor of the fallen:

New Zealanders are giving up their guns: Voluntarily. Post-attack, Kiwis are surrendering their weapons to police.

Trump and Deutsche Bank have a history: What do Trump and Deutsche Bank have in common? I mean, besides a bad track record. They've been in business together for a looonnnng time. Before Trump took up residence in the White House, the German bank lent Trump more than $2 billion. Once he became president, their relationship history was swept under the rug. Until now. It is now the subject of multiple investigations—two by congressional committees and one by the New York attorney general—in order to gain insight into Trump's finances.

Rest in Peace, MySpace: The final nail in the MySpace coffin was just hammered in. The pre-Facebook social media site issued an apology because any photos, videos, or music from more than three years ago had been deleted. Yes, apparently there was stuff on MySpace as recently as three years ago. The culprit (besides irrelevance, of course)? The site switched servers and lost a buttload of data in the process.