Male Birth Control Is Coming



What happened to the vasectomy here? A simple painless option that didn't even require anything more than a local.

Healed up at home got your sperm count checked and once you hit low enough you were done.

If you think it's unmanly; you still have your balls. If you have neutered your cat he had his testicals removed.


/sigh/ There is going to be the same issue with this as there was with AndroGel and other t-gels. The FDA issued warnings about that stuff because children were inadvertently exposed and it was causing problems.

"But in most of the cases in which children were affected, adults didn't use the gels correctly.

In some cases, adults forgot to wash their hands, or to cover the exposed area of their skin, or they applied the gel to their chest (which isn't an approved area for use), and then picked up or held infants or kids, FDA officials said in a news conference today."

You think that shit won't happen when/if this product gets to wider use?

This article talks about an initial trial with an injection every eight weeks and then a gel applied every day. Why is there no mention whatsoever of a once-a-day pill, which is what women use? Why /must/ it be a low-dose gel with a risk of contact or a heavy-dose injection? Not mentioning the possibility of a pill, or asking about it, is a tremendous oversight in this article.


@1 Some men may want to wait awhile before having children, so maybe they don't want to limit their fertility with a vasectomy.

@2 Why so angry? Google is your friend. There is currently a clinical trial recruiting male participants for an oral male contraceptive -- right here at UW!


This seems vastly inferior to Vasalgel, another male birth control option which involves a small injection of a gel which blocks your vas deferens. It basically functions like a vasectomy, but is reversible by a second injection of a dissolving agent for the gel. It is a one time procedure, projected to be very cheap, and is hormone free.

Of course it's advantages (one off and cheap) have made it unappealing to pharmaceutical companies, so it's being slowly brought through trials by a non-profit. The daily hormone laced ball gel discussed in this article is clearly a more lucrative proposal, so despite its inferiority it seems to have substantially more financial backing. Fucking capitalist medical system.


Being around other people's children is still the most effective form of birth control.


Hooray for additional forms of male birth controls besides spermicidal condoms! It's about time. Just imagine--if men and boys experienced unplanned or unwanted pregnancy from rape and / or unprotected sex, the abortion clinics would outnumber the churches and gas stations.


It's already here for those of us who understand the rhythm method.
I put on some Barry White to slow me down.


You could always put an aspirin between your knees boys.


"If a woman gets pregnant, she could die. That may sound hyperbolic"... because it is. If you're going to quote relative risks (which are concerning), you also need to include the absolute risk (25/100,000).


@7 - Are you disagreeing with the deadline, and saying that "Male birth control is NOT coming?"


10 ha. see what you did there.


I look forward to seeing how male birth control changes the whole abortion debate. After all, when a woman gets pregnant it is her own fault for "not keeping her legs closed", right guys? Men responsible for their own sperm? Oh noooooooo


@13: Considering how there is an entire state enforced apparatus designed to force men to support their kids, and tons of social shaming that is accepted towards "deadbeat dads," it does not really seem like the idea that men should be responsible for their kids is a fringe belief, like you seem to be claiming.


@13 literally, you are the only person saying that.