Foals land at the Paramount tomorrow
Foals have come all the way from the UK to serenade your ass. Alex Knowles

“This Orient” might be one of my all-time favorite love songs that might not actually be a love song. It’s off Foals’ 2010 outing, Total Life Forever, the album that introduced me to the British rock band with dance-punk and art-rock tendencies. The song is fast-paced and urgent, but also sweet and entreating, and the chorus as delivered by emotive, falsetto-reaching frontman, Yannis Philippakis, “It’s your heart, it’s your heart / That gives me this western feeling,” matches the sound, which has a vague western feeling. This feeling is threaded throughout their music.

Foals just released their fifth full-length, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1, and I am digging on it hard. First single “Exits” has a commanding groove and compelling tone, “Sunday” is lightly warped and meandering before amping it up with a galloping unz-unz-unz tempo that segues into a spacious climax, "Cafe D' Athens" rolls on a krauty beat that's brightened with vibraphone knocks falling like slinky wet drops of percussive melody into the song's hypnotic progression, and "On the Luna" has that snotty Foals-distinctive guitars-and-synths appeal, the perfect ass-shaking pace to get your sneering dance face on. It's the first half of a two-album project; follow-up Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2 is due in the fourth quarter of 2019. Can't wait to hear it.

Foals play the Paramount tonight, with support from Bear Hands and Kiev. Some media below.