Sunwatchers are happy to see you. Really.
Sunwatchers are happy to see you. Really. One Beat PR

NYC quartet Sunwatchers stand as one of America’s greatest bands of the 2010s. Their self-titled 2016 album on John Dwyer’s Castle Face label is a torrid blast of horn-powered rock shot through with the sinuous melodies of Ethiopian jazz and spiritual ache of Saharan desert psychedelic blues. Concerns about white Westerner appropriation fly out the window once you hear how Sunwatchers alchemize these elements into transcendental jams. Their guitar tunings are unusual and their timbres scalding, not unlike those of the fantastic Horse Lords and Cave. Sunwatchers’ new album, Illegal Moves, ups the ante even more, generating ecstatic mantric riffs that spiral skyward with a relentlessness that sounds and feels revolutionary. All this, plus a rapturous cover of Alice Coltrane’s “Ptah, the El Daoud.”

Sunwatchers lead tonight's Wednesday Experiments lineup at Southgate Roller Rink. Warm-up sets from Mega Bog, Drama Bahama, and Swamp Meat. Skates are included with the $15 admission. Some media below.