Today is the closing celebration of Patty Gone's residency at Pioneer Square gallery Mount Analogue. Tonight, Patty will be screening Painted Dreams, their video series that looks at soap operas through a personal, academic, and queer lens. And I, Jasmyne Rae Keimig, will be hosting a talkback/chat/Q&A/two-friends-talking-about-their-love-of-fiction-and-how-they-found-themselves-through-it tonight at 7 pm with Patty.

The residency was a multi-pronged endeavor—Mount Analogue published Patty's book-length essay about the prolific romance novelist Danielle Steel, Love Life; the opening featured a performances by Seattle drag queen Mona Real and poet Sarah Galvin; traveling exhibition of keychain-based works Pocket Object rolled through; there's a nearly exact replica of Danielle Steel's ridiculous/genius desk that was built specifically for this show. It's a lot of fun.

Painted Dreams takes its title from the first radio soap opera that aired in the 1930s. The imagery in the series is dreamy and domestic—there's cartoon character figurines, emoji balloons, muted floral table cloths, Charmin toilet paper rolls, vibrators, irons, Danielle Steel novels galore. Patty's voice solemnly floats over it all, seemingly narrating the events as they unfurl onscreen but also introducing and discussing ideas surrounding gender roles and media consumption. My favorite is the third episode from season two that compares soap opera fans to sports fans—it's illuminating:

Hope to see you all there tonight 💋